Fellow Clearance fans, rejoice!

This week I heard something that made this little thrifty shopper very happy! Target is discontinuing some of their long-time clothing brands (inlcuding Mossimo, Merona, Circo, and a few others), and replacing those old favorites with 12 new clothing, home, and accessory lines! While I am totally with the 99% who loved their usual brands (the other 1% dislike target altogether – maybe they should have tried shopping their clearance), I am excited for pretty much all that is out right now to be thrown on clearance if it has not started to already! Hello, new end of summer wardrobe for the cheap! It seems as soon as the 4th of July is over, stores throw all their summer related products and clothing on clearance. Between this and Target needing to make room for their new lines, I am wondering if this means double the clearance finds for this year!
I was just in our local Target yesterday, and did not notice much on clearance, or even sales when it came to their clothing and home items. Maybe that will change soon? Anyone else get the memo? Is the clearance already happening where you are from? (I heard end of July!) What brands were your favorite?

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