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What I think of being a Sand Cloud Ambassador

(so far)

First of all, what does an ambassador do?

Whether representing Sand Cloud or another brand, a brand ambassador functions as a communicator for the brand. He or she may alert you to any new info, specials, contests, or products. They are to be skilled in running a profile on several social media sites, and be professional with quality posts. A brand ambassador does not just post pics of themselves with a trendy looking product or photos of only the product itself. A brand ambassador not just a face for the brand, but able to communicate and answer questions while promoting it’s vision or cause.

So what is Sand Cloud, and what is their cause?

Sand Cloud has beautiful, quality products including clothing, accessories, and their famous towels. Sound familiar? Sand Cloud was featured in an episode during season 8 of Shark Tank (and won). I already have a few of their current products including one of their beautiful towels. They bring on new items frequently, and I am super excited for new products in the works, including yoga towels! I was hoping to find a brand with yoga items to promote on my blog, and now I do not need to look anywhere else! This part-time mermaid does not mind that part of the profits of every sale goes towards helping marine wildlife survive, and keeping beaches across the US clean. Do you appreciate clean beaches, and like watching healthy marine wildlife? Part of the profit of every purchase goes directly to organizations that keep them this way! I love the beach and travel to a few every year, so I figured this business would be a good one for me to try out promoting.

A vacation without a sand cloud towel - still great!
Our Fort Lauderdale Vacation in 2016.

What do you think so far? Are the products worth the cost? Is the company friendly?

As a Sand Cloud Ambassador I have been very impressed by their nice products, clear communication, and friendly customer service. Bonus: Domestic shipping in the US only takes 4-7 days thanks to this company being founded and based in CA. I have some of their jewelry, a hat, stickers, and one of their gorgeous towels. Everything seems to be of good quality, and looks exactly as shown on the website. Whether or not you are a Brand Ambassador you can sign up for their rewards program, and earn points to use towards free products. The website is very easy to navigate, and presents eye-catching graphics and photos of the products.

Sand Cloud Towels are useful anywhere!

I received my first official Sand Cloud Towel just in time to use it at Creation Festival! The “Wanderlust” wandered it’s way through this big music festival as a blanket for when I got chilly, and a ground cover when I needed a place to sit. Even if you don’t live near the beach, there are so many uses for these gorgeous towels: table cover, wall tapestry, blanket, a thin bedspread for summer months, and more! This fun towel is gorgeous and so comfy! Each towel is dyed so no two towels are exactly the same. They are made out of turkish cotton so they almost feel more like a thick flannel sheet. I love things that are unique like this, and it has some of my favorite colors blended in too!

About their jewelry and accessories…

Sand Cloud necklaces

I absolutely love my new necklaces from Sand Cloud! Arrived way ahead of my fast-approaching Cali trip. So did my hat! Gotta sport my mermaid tails (or whale tails if you prefer them as). If you are not shopping for a nice towel, check out their clothing and jewelry. As a brand ambassador I can also tell you I have been voting on new designs, as well as new products in the works!

Sand Cloud hat
Mermaiding it at a nearby lake in PA – Sand Cloud looks good anywhere!

Also, remember to check up on the site often for free shipping deals, sales, and clearance! Either way every purchase is saving the planet. Shop for yourself, or check out great gift ideas for the ocean lover at

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