10 things to pack for a beach vacation

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10 Things to Pack for a Beach Vacation

Favorite essentials I will be bringing along on my 2017 vacations.

Here I am only a few days away from my trip to Cali (see this post), and have my suitcase almost all packed! To give myself a break and have some fun, here is a list of some traveling essentials I usually bring on a beach vacation (+ some new ones for 2017). A great thing about these is that you can also take most, if not all, in your carry-on. Most are useful to have on other trips besides a beach vacation.

10 things to pack for a beach vacation


1. Facial Cleansing Wipes & Wet Wipes

When it comes to face care and travel my favorite item to have along with me is a pack of makeup removing facial towelettes. I prefer the kind with grapefruit to help keep away blemishes while removing makeup and/or freshening up. What I try to do since the kind I prefer (usually Walmart’s) comes in only the big packages is to buy a pack a few weeks before a trip, and use it until there is only enough left for me to use while away. At this point I stuff it in my carry-on or purse and open a new package to keep using at home. This way I am not taking up more room in my carry-on or suitcase with a bulkier package.
I am usually not the type of person to bring wipes everywhere and constantly be sanitizing myself and everything else, but have found them handy to have in case of a sticky situation. My favorite, most affordable place to stock up is the local dollar store. If you have a family, and prefer a bigger amount you can stock up at the bigger stores for some great deals.

beach vacation

2. Magazines

Have some magazines sitting around you’ve been meaning to read? This is when I catch up on mine. Through the months prior to a trip, I set any I do not get around to reading in a pile, and when it comes time to pack my carry-on for my next trip, pickup that pile and ….voila! Instant in-flight or layover reading!

3. Tablet

I am not a tablet person who must take it everywhere, and to tell you the truth have hardly sat down to figure out how to use much on mine since my wonderful hubby totally surprised me with it for Christmas! However, I have played around with it just enough to figure out how to load on games that do not need an internet connection. I am planning to take it in my carry-on for when I run out of magazines to read. It is new and hardly used enough that the battery lasts way longer than my smartphone, so I might even take it to Disneyland with us to use for apps that will help us find our way around. Speaking of low battery life….

4. Portable Battery charger

Between a few stores in the area I have stocked up on several of these things. My favorite is the one pictured because of shape which makes it easy to slide in a thin pocket, and not roll around when you have it laying out.

5. Beach Coverup

*Thrifty shopping hint here – I am excited to bring along this comfy, easy to wear coverup dress in my favorite color! I usually do not go into 5 below often, but have found myself more and more impressed with their growing clothing section when I do. I went the beginning of this summer, and could not walk out without this cute teal coverup. They had a few similar styles and colors to choose from for only $5 each!

6. Wet Swimsuit Bag

Before it was plastic bags, but in 2017 everywhere seems to be selling these super cute, water-resistant wet swimsuit bags. I found my favorite one at a nearby boutique store, but my Mom also gave me one she found that is bigger, and I plan to bring it too since I will be probably be swimming every day on my next trip!

7. Tripod

I purchased an affordable tripod, the Sunpak 5200, before our vacation to Ireland in 2015, and it has been to several other places since. It extends from a 20 inch fold-up size for your suitcase to a whole 52 inches tall! The top part is adjustable in many ways, and you can easily attach a point-and-shoot camera or light DSLR. It is super light and easy to adjust; perfect for traveling. I highly recommend keeping a decent, lightweight tripod around like this one:
beach vacation tripod


8. Remote for cameras

My remote is a new addition to this year’s vacation essentials. It uses Bluetooth technology to take photos from up to about 15 feet away. This simple remote has controls so you can zoom in or out, but you can find ones with more controls for other functions if you prefer. I just started with a cheap one to try it out, and might upgrade in the future. This is handy to use along with a tripod for a self or group portrait.


9. My Sand Cloud Beach Towel

Made of Turkish cotton, these towels dry faster, and fold up much smaller than a regular beach towel. Plus, with their pretty colors and thinner material they can function as a blanket, tapestry, table covering, and are still easier to fold-up and pack into a smaller bag! You can use my special Ambassador discount code (jbreneman25) for 25% off anything at www.sandcloudtowels.com

tie-dye beach towel
My “Wanderlust” towel from Sand Cloud. I love the colors!

10. Jewelry Roll

I love my jewelry roll which I happened to pickup at a yard sale. I have taken it on many trips. It is a bigger size so it has a few pockets to keep things separated. No more scattered baggies of pieces for me! I have noticed a few department stores carrying them this time of year. Here is a pretty option from Target:

What are your favorites to pack for a beach vacation?

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