Back from California!

my california trip

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                I am back from my California trip!

            More posts coming soon about our crazy adventures

                                           in Orange County, CA!

I am still gathering my thoughts together for some future posts about my California trip, but for now wanted to say how happy I am that I went! I could not tell you which part was “my favorite”; everything was what I was mentally preparing for, and went according to plan except for a few flight delays and a canceled flight which kept us there an extra night. In the end even that turned out well as we had a great time hanging out with newer Airbnb guests and our gracious hosts that last night in Costa Mesa.

Airbnb we stayed in during my california trip


             I loved the Pediatric Massage Therapist Certification Course!

I must start out with a post about the most important thing I was there for: my Pediatric Massage Therapist Certification Course! This was perhaps the best experience of the week because EVERYTHING about it was even better than what I was hoping for! It reminded me of what I stand for and deserve as a Licensed Massage Therapist, what I want to do and why, and goals for the future. I learned the best tips and ideas to achieve my goals I now have for working with the pediatric population in the State of PA, whether in my own office, the patient’s home, a hospital or other healthcare environment. We also learned techniques and important information to know when working with pediatric patients who are either well or have an illness or disability. We learned about some tools to use in order to keep massage fun for patients, and to keep their attention.

Toys in class
Sensory Toys

We went over the many possible benefits of massage for pediatric and infant patients, including:

– For infants: improved weight gain, respiratory function, parent/infant interaction, sleep patterns, long-range behavioral and developmental testing scores, and decreased length of hospital stay.

– For non-infant pediatric: reduced anxiety and tension, reduced pain, improved long-range emotional and cognitive development, improved healing/immune function, relaxation for the parent/care-giver, improved focus and attention span.

– For Children with Special Healthcare needs: improved muscle tone, joint mobility, respiratory function, sleep patterns, and gastrointestinal function.

(These benefits are based off research findings from several sources, mainly under the work of Dr. Tiffany Field from The Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine.)

The teacher, Tina Allen, was sweet, kind, and willing to do anything to help her students at anytime ever. I am sure all of us in the class wanted to drop everything to follow her around and take all her courses! I highly recommend her class to any Massage Therapist or Healthcare professional who wants to work with or is currently working with pediatric patients. As for parents, a great resource would be Tina’s book you can buy through Amazon:


For a calendar of her classes and more info you can check out the

Liddle Kidz Foundation website at

Meeting Tina Allen during my california trip

I am excited to see how everything I learned comes to be used in the long run, and to see hospitals across PA begin Pediatric massage programs.

I promise more posts to come about some fun things I did in Cali, but for now still catching up on sleep and unpacking. Thank you to those who left encouraging well wishes. We did have a blast!

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