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#3 – Shop at Fashion Island in Newport Beach (5 Things to do in Orange County)

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This suggestion is for all you shopping fans out there! Whether you are a thrifty or loaded spender, this mostly outdoor shopping center has something to offer everyone. There were some familiar stores, smaller boutiques, department stores, and merchandise carts throughout. Besides stores, Fashion Island offers a food court (inside) with fast-food counters, and a few sit-down restaurants and fine dining.

View of Fashion Island

This photo of the gorgeous view of Fashion Island with the ocean in the distance came from up in my classroom inside of a tall office building right across the street. This Shopping Center is pretty easy to find, and near many other things to do in Newport Beach. It did not seem over flooded with tourists, and not really crowded with locals either. It is definitely a safe area; I comfortably walked around a couple times throughout the week during my class breaks.

Fashion Island Sign

A piece of advice:

Grab a map before you start if you have never been. I walked in circles before I realized the restaurant I was hunting for was on an indoor level – “wait, there is an indoor level?” I was so confused! Even if you do get lost as I was, the scenery and cleanliness makes it a nice place to wander around in. My favorite part was coming across this large Koi fish pond.

Fashion Island Koi Pond

Second favorite moment was coming around a corner to be surprised by the biggest Forever21 I have ever been to in my life! 2 floors of fashion and accessories!

Fashion Island Stores

I was relieved to find this store since it was one of the few familiar ones we have on the East Coast where I know I can get a cheap deal. I picked up a hoodie that was only $12 in case we had anymore cooler nights during the rest of my trip. Best deal of the week thanks to Fashion Island!

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