Fashion Month

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Fashion Month Fun to come!

Introductory post to my “Fashion Month” (More about me, and modeling.)

I decided September would be a good month to deem “Fashion Month” on my blog. September is going to be filled with posts featuring Fall fashion and some favorite brands. I am so excited to share with you all fun fashion ideas, good deals, and some cute accessories and beauty suggestions! Just to have it stated besides in my privacy and disclosure, all photos are property of Balance & Blessings Blog. You may, however, pin anything you want! Also, in case you are wondering, I do sometimes have wonderful photographer friends take my photos. While some are or will be from actual modeling photo shoots, most graphics and photos were taken/created by me.

fashion month modeling example

Side note:

After only doing it for a few years, I have decided I really like modeling. I feel like it gives me another creative outlet where I have an opportunity to portray a character as much as I do when I am actually acting in a role on stage or on film. I also like fashion, so it gives me a chance to style myself in a way I would like to try (or style outfits based on the photographer’s ideas). If you are interested in modeling I would suggest joining Facebook groups for photography clubs in your local area. A good start would also be (for those mature and careful on social media) joining a modeling social network. Just like anything else, you do need to keep promoting yourself, communicate well, and cooperate with others. Generally everyone is very friendly and helpful.

fashion month modeling dress

How my blog came to be:

When I was first thinking about starting a blog, I originally intended it to be mostly about Massage Therapy and Wellness. As I researched and learned more about blogging, I realized a Lifestyle blog that could pull together all I do in life would be best for me to at least start out with. I also discovered the fun (at least for me) of social media and promotional marketing, and decided to apply for Sand Cloud (see this post). Eventually, I would like to represent a few more brands, but for now dipping into photography and trying out some creative ideas for displaying products and clothing while acting as a “social influencer” as a Sand Cloud Ambassador.

Fashion week sand cloud



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Anyway, so this month is all about fashion. Next month: wellness and Massage Therapy topics. What other topics would you be interested in reading about? To follow, do not forget to fill-out my subscribe box in the sidebar to your right! —->

Thanks for reading, and welcome to fashion month!


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