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This post features links to products which if you purchase, a percentage will profit my favorite It Works! Distributor. She may be able to help you eat more greens!

Do you need to eat more greens? (This will help!)

Healthy Living October continues!

I don’t know about you, but I could use more helpings of greens! Healthy Living October continues with a post about a healthy product that you might find helpful. My sister, Kellie, lent me some information about one of her favorite products she sells as an Independent Distributor for It Works! Maybe it will assist you too in getting some more fruits and veggies in your diet.

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Anyone else have cancer in their family or know dear friends that have/had it? Someone near and dear to us has been diagnosed with cancer and it’s breaking our hearts but we’re praying hard! What does this have to do with our Greens??? Well, cancer can’t live in an alkaline environment- and guess what the greens do?! They balance the pH and alkalize the body – aka making it healthy and a place cancer won’t want to be. I take this product every day because I do not want to carry on the cancer that runs down my family!

Who’s with me!

BONUS: Are your kids picky about eating healthy?! They are also KID FRIENDLY! Make sure your kids are getting their fruits and veggies every day!

One glass contains:

34 fruits + veggies
52 herbs + superfoods
Matcha Green Tea
Soy Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free
No artificial flavors/sweeteners 

 Greens is also available in different flavors including Berry, Orange, and Chocolate. You can also purchase it in a few different forms: powder, chews, and to-go packs.
To find out more, you can visit Kellie’s website, or any of her social media pages.
Facebook: Kellie Zambrano
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Thank you for reading!
– Jillian

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