10 Things for your hiking bag

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10 Things For Your Hiking Bag

Healthy Living October continues with this post that relates to one of my favorite fitness activities; hiking. Here in PA we are having the most perfect, and unusually warm October weather for hiking and other outdoor activities. It is also a good time to go looking for awesome views of the pretty fall foliage. I live close to the Appalachian Trail, several state parks, and even some lesser-known hiking areas with amazing views. We also have Gettysburg nearby, and Maryland is close enough with all the Historic elements that are lovely to capture with the Fall foliage in the background.

hiking white rocks
White Rocks Trail in Dillsburg, PA

Check list of some useful items you do not want to forget for your hiking trip!

When going for a hike (I usually do 4-8 miles), I always take the same bag always packed with what I might need. You can click on the links to order these items now from Target! Here are my suggestions:

1. A leak-proof water bottle

This is a must! Do not forget to fill it, and let chill before you go if preferred.

2. Sunscreen

I prefer the travel size so it takes up less room in my bag.

3. Bug Repellent

I love this repellent! Great for sweaty hikes!

4. Mini First Aid Kit

Just in case! Usually I find this in the travel size section in the beauty aisles. This one is also for purchase online.

first aid kit for hiking

5. Nutritious, lightweight snack

I usually throw in a granola bar or something with a decent amount of protein that is easy to eat on-the-go. These KIND energy bars have 10 grams of protein, a lower amount of sugar, and are gluten free!


6. Rain Poncho

Just in case! Can double as something to lay or sit on in an emergency as well. In store you might find these in the camping or travel size sections.

rain poncho for hiking


7. Your ID

I try not to bring any valuables or money along on my hikes for safety reason, but I do think having your ID along may be handy in case anything happens to you. Hopefully nothing ever will, but it will be easier for a rescue team to identify you if needed. I would suggest slipping your drivers license into a waterproof pouch like this one that can also protect your phone.


8. Hand wipes and/or Tissues

Again, travel packs are my preferred size to take up less room in my bag. These are great for cleaning up after your snack, or wiping off sap or other stickiness you may come into contact with.

9. Doggie waste dispenser and bags

This one is for the dog lovers! Most of the time I take along my dog. If you are hiking somewhere that requires you to cleanup after your faithful pooch, this bag dispenser is easy to hook onto a leash or your bag.

10. A rugged/waterproof Camera

I never forget my camera! You never know what cool wildlife or breathtaking views you may come across! We purchased a Pentax Optio WG-II waterproof, shockproof camera 3 years ago from Target, and it has been to so many places! It even works well in swimming pools and oceans!

camera for hiking

It is no longer sold, but here is a similar camera currently available:

Panasonic Lumix TS25 16MP Waterproof Digital Camera


Thank you for reading!

– Jillian

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10 things for your fall hiking bag


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