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Hello, November!

A post of Thankfulness.

As we head into the colder seasons (at least here in PA), it is time to start planning out Holiday meal preparations, travel plans for visiting loved ones, and of course Christmas present shopping! Over these next few months I am going to feature my favorite deals from several affiliate partners, including Target,, Amazon, and more!

Due to spending more and more time in Christmas show rehearsals, and away visiting family over the Holidays, I will only post once a week. For some cool behind-the-scenes posts you can visit my instagram:

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Before those posts begin, I want to take a moment to express thankfulness. We just entered a month that contains one of my most favorite Holidays, Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for in life, it makes me overjoyed! Here is an condensed list; if I tried to list everything, I would probably have posts to last me for years!

I am thankful for:

  • YOU, All my readers and fellow bloggers, and anyone else who has shown support in my blogging related endeavors.
  • The fact I have met most goals I set since beginning this blogging journey this past July. I will have made enough through my ad and affiliate links to cover any opening expenses I had by the end of this year! Yay!
  • All that I have learned and discovered so far, and all that has grown my abilities. Whether in perfecting my writing, photography, networking, etc., I have learned so much! It has been fun, but it also takes a ton of work to begin and keep up with a growing blog!
  • All I have (or do not have) in life that not only allows me the time to blog, but has me well taken care of and loved for. I am thankful for God’s love and gracious guidance, my loving family, a spacious house, a new job with many hours home during the day, opportunities to use my other talents and gifts, the electronics and technical services necessary to run my businesses, and so much more!

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As we head into this time of Thanksgiving, do not forget to take some time out to appreciate all you have been blessed with and have accomplished.

Thank you for reading!








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