4 ways to save at payless

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4 Ways to Save at Payless

+My New favorite Payless Fall and Winter styles, and how I got them for under $20 each!

Happy almost Thanksgiving! I have been not only busy with hunting down recipes and necessary ingredients for Turkey Day, but also keeping an eye out for Black Friday Sneak Peeks! This post will feature some ways to save at Payless, plus my newest finds, and a link to their Black Friday sale (active only 11/24-11/25!) I love Payless because there are plenty of store locations near me, and their shoes are super affordable. Even more-so if you know how to use their discount codes! I try to never pay more than $30 for shoes. This post includes how I got 3 different pairs/types of shoes for under $20!

4 Ways to Save

This time of year is probably when we get bombarded the worst with advertisements from stores through all different methods. Emails, texts, TV commercials, and post mailings are flooding in! Confused in this whirlwind of which sale is when for what brand or store? My last few posts have highlighted some current offers from my favorite stores. Here are some ways to save at Payless at anytime, plus examples of how I used these methods, and a link for their Black Friday offer! What I love most about Payless: I have never had an issue using their codes, even on items that already have a price cut or are on clearance! Keep this in mind when you go; always be armed with a sale code for the best savings!

1. Price Cuts online and in-store

Price cuts are helpful ways to save, as long as you know they are happening! This is why it is important to actually READ your emails! Usually the texts I get from them do not mention if there is a limited time price cut on boots or heels or whatever. And do not forget, as I stated previously, you CAN use your discount codes on top of price cuts! Recently I purchased these cute booties using a discount code from an email on top of a sale that had their price already lowered! It saved me over 50%!!!

save at payless on boots

These booties are super cute with leggings, skinny jeans, or dresses! They were originally $49.99, but had a price cut down to $29.99. I showed an email that contained a 40% discount code to the cashier, and that got them down to only $17.99! They are the Mallory Side Tie Boot you see here:
Current Sale: (Ends TOMORROW!) Get 20% off at Payless.com with code ZZEXTRA20. Offer valid 11/20/17-11/22/17. Free Shipping on orders $25+.

*Their next sale is coming up quick! Here is a link to their Black Friday offers: Get 50% off at Payless.com! Offer valid 11/23/17-11/24/17. Free Shipping on orders $25+.

2. Email Codes

Tricks with emails from any favorite store – 1st of all, make sure when you sign-up they do not go right into your junk folder! Also, be on the lookout! Payless emails pretty often, and almost always they have the code for whatever discount they are currently offering that can be used both in-store and online. Even if they are doing a limited-time promotion like their friends and family event, Payless will put out several emails throughout with the code you need. I got these awesome heels (Karmen) for only $17.99 using an email discount code of 40% off! (regular price $29.99) I bought these online, and I will add that shipping is always speedy!

3. Text Codes

You would think I would have included text and email codes, and that they would be all the same. Nope! I have noticed more seem to come through email than text. Texts are convenient though as reminders if you do not check your email often, or do not do emailing through your phone. You can use the text codes either in-store or online as well. Do not want to stand in the store trying to pull up that payless email with the code you need? Trying to find their text is faster, at least for me.


I always skim through the clearance no matter if I am shopping in-store or online. I found these comfy “work” shoes for only $15!

And are not the matching kid’s version super cute? They offer “Kangaroo Joggers” for the whole family!

Shop sale and clearance shoes for men, women, and kids at Payless.com

Merry Christmas Shopping! Thanks for reading!

– Jillian

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