Once Upon a Time Show and Happily Ever After Fireworks

disney happily ever after fireworks

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Once Upon a Time Show and Happily Ever After Fireworks

(10 of my favorite things we did at Walt Disney World – Part 5)

Whether in shows or attractions, Disney sure knows how to show off the best and most up-to-date stage lighting, animatronics, and pyro! Their Fireworks are no less entertaining and mesmerising. I know some of them begin late, especially for families with little ones, but you have to catch at least ONE fireworks show while in Disney! If you can only pick one, this one was awesome, plus had a castle projection show just before that was spectacular! I am leaving out a lot of details to not ruin the surprises for anyone, but I promise the whole family will enjoy no matter what generation of Disney you grew up with! Here are some photos from the Once Upon a Time Castle Projection Show, and the Happily Ever After Fireworks.

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Once Upon a Time Castle Projection Show

The Once Upon a Time Castle Projection Show was entertaining in every way! My two year old niece had her eyes wide-opened throughout both this show and the fireworks! So did the rest of us! Gorgeous projections of scenes from many Disney classics are displayed against Cinderella’s castle with beautiful renditions of famous Disney hits.

once upon a time show happily ever after fireworks

once upon a time show happily ever after fireworks disney

happily ever after fireworks evil castle


Happily Ever After Fireworks

The Happily Ever After Fireworks at the Magic Kingdom include some castle projections, beautiful music accompaniment, and a live flight by Tinkerbell! Photos could not do either the show or fireworks justice. *Planning tip: I have read blogs trying to give advice as far as where is best to watch the fireworks from, but I think anywhere in front of the castle is fine. We arrived a few minutes before the show beforehand began and had a roomy spot not far from the front of the castle. We did not feel like we moved from our spot despite a little more crowding as the Fireworks show approached. Also, bring jackets and/or blankets to wear, but I would not recommend sitting on the ground. We were standing on the cobblestone circle, and it was dark to see where people were sitting as to not step on them.

Happily Ever After Fireworks moana

happily ever after fireworks yellow castle

happily ever after fireworks perfect


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  1. Disney is one of my little girls’ dream vacation destinations. I wish I could bring them there are soon as possible. What a magical place!

  2. This is in my bucket list. I would love to know how to explore when I visit Disney World. The firework and the night view of the Disney Castle really wonderful. I can’t wait to explore soon.

  3. I have been to both Disney World in Florida and Disneyland Paris, but I didn’t take the time to see any of these shows. The projection show looks and sounds amazing, I wish I had done it now! x

  4. I love everything about walt Disney. Especially the fact that it isnt about all kids. Its for all ages. The colors.. The staff.. The costumes.. Everything.

  5. Last time I went to Disney was about 5 years ago and I was definitely super impressed with the castle light show and fireworks!! I can’t WAIT to take my son!!! I also want to see the light show they do at Hogwarts!

    1. I tried to ride or see every Disneyland exclusive thing I could while at DL this past summer, and must say I loved their water show (I forget the name) at the end of the night in California Adventure!

  6. Wow! It sounds magical. I’ve never been to Walt Disney but looking forward to visiting with the kids one day. Thanks for sharing!

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