Tried a Newer Ride! (Toy Story Mania)

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Tried a Newer Ride! (Toy Story Mania)

(10 of my favorite things we did at Walt Disney World – Part 6)

Since I had not been to Walt Disney World in a few years, it was important to me to try some of the newer rides. I can be a sucker for classics though, and even rode a few while at Disneyland last summer. My Dad encouraged us to go on the Toy Story Mania ride first thing after we arrived at Hollywood Studios. Toy Story Mania is an indoor ride located in Pixar Place.

Toy Story Mania Pixar Place

The line was and is usually very long for this ride, and weaves both outdoors and indoors. I hear that they change it up often lately due to construction for Toy Story Land happening close by. At least we had some fun things to see while in line: The Green Army Men marched through a couple times, and put on a little show. There was also a Cars Meet setup right against the line where you could take a photo with Cruz from Cars 3.

Toy Story Mania Cruz

My Review and Planning Tips for Toy Story Mania!

My Review and Planning Tips for Toy Story Mania!

After you get inside and pickup your 3D glasses, you are put in a car with two spring-action “shooters” (pictured below) with a computer screen in-between. The car is on a windy track that is kind of jerky and stops abruptly at times. Too jerky, in fact, for me to try to take photos as we went! The best way I can describe it is the track has you pausing at giant screens where you shoot animated objects and characters. They do all kinds of actions if you hit them. As you manage to hit intended targets you rack up points. Those points are kept updated on the computer screen as shown above.

Toy Story Mania guns

This ride takes you past many familiar scenes and characters from the Toy Story Movies. As soon as you get into the building you feel as though you stepped into Andy’s room. The ride itself was delightfully entertaining. We had so much fun laughing all the way through!

Toy Story Mania banner

*Planning tips for Toy Story Mania!

I would strongly encourage using Fastpass for this ride. We waited in line for over an hour, but it was worth it! For those who do not know, Fastpass is a system Disney lets you use to avoid longer lines. Fastpass have their own lanes, but not all rides use Fastpass. You basically get to cut the regular line and go on the ride sooner by choosing a timeframe to get in the Fastpass line.  They can also run out, and do so quickly during busy days/seasons. I happened to have the Disney App on my phone for this trip, so it was super quick and easy to book Fastpasses throughout the day we did Hollywood Studios.

If you have young toddlers or infants, you can bring them along as this ride is for all ages. You are allowed to have a little person sitting between you and another adult, and an infant sitting on your lap. My sister and her husband were able to fit in a car this way with their two year old and infant.

I hope if you go to Hollywood Studios, you get to enjoy this fantastic ride!

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  1. I have actually never been to Disneyland, but I do hope to make it soon, at some point. It’s great to know that they have new rides as well, and not everything is based on the Disney Classics. The Toy Story Mania sounds very exciting!

  2. They have a fastpass at my local theme park in my hometown too. I’ve never bought it, but I’ve also been on those rides a million times. However I can see where it would come in handy with kids.

  3. I haven’t been to Disneyworld since I was a kid! Now that I live in Vegas, Disneyland is closer to me so that’s where I go! I love 3d rides and your reco of getting the Fast Pass is a must!

  4. Its lovely to hear you had so much fun on this ride and it made you laugh so much. It seems like such a lovely family friendly attraction!

  5. This sounds like a really fun ride. I love that’s okay for all ages. Sucks that the line was so long … but sounds like they had some fun entertainment while you waited.

  6. Wow!! This is such a perfect place for kids. They will really enjoy this Toy Story newer rides. I bet my kids would really love this so much.

  7. I’m quite embarrassed to say that I’ve never been to Disneyland. Perhaps it’s because the people I travel with are usually not fans of Disneyland… I think I should try to visit it at least once… with my bf hopefully~

  8. The Fastpass recommendation is easily the most helpful thing I’ve read today. The kids and I were planning to go Disney sometime soon. It’s always great to read more about it here, the excitement just builds up!

  9. Never been to Disneyland, but I have been to Disney World. I wish I would have been as a child. As an adult, I loved it. I agree with using the app and fastpass, it saves you some time.

  10. We’ve been to Disneyland many times but never to Disney world. My kiddo would love it here for sure. Can’t wait to see his reaction once we’ll visit this place this summer.

  11. Awesome! As I’ve never been to DisneyWorld I didn’t even know there was a “fastpass” to avoid longer queues! Thank you for all the info!

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