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Tried an older ride – The Tower of Terror!

(1o of my favorite things we did at Walt Disney World – part 9)

When I was last to Hollywood Studios while on a family vacation back in the late 90s, I refused to go on the Tower of Terror. My Dad tried his hardest to get one of us 3 kids to go on. I do not remember if my brother or sister went along, but for whatever reason I declined. I also missed the opportunity to try the Tower of Terror while in Disneyland last summer. By the time we reached that part of the park, the lines were long and it’s Fastpass machines were not working that day. Finally, I had my chance on this trip! I even used one of our Fastpass uses to be sure to get on. My Dad did not have to try to convince me this time! We braved it as just us two while my sister and brother-in-law went souvenir shopping with my baby nieces.

I survived the Tower of Terror!

I survived the Tower of Terror!

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror may be frightening for little ones since you are in very dark spaces, and there are some fast drops in the ride. I was not sure what to expect, and thought you basically stood on an elevator that was dropped straight down the entire length of the building. I was wrong! You first go through the line into a little room that reminded me of the Haunted Mansion. There, the storyline for the ride is explained for you before you board the actual ride. The story is based off the old Twilight Zone TV show.

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I am not going to drop many more details in order to not ruin any surprises. I highly recommend trying it for yourself! The main and last portion of the ride is when you are dropped, but seated. You are dropped several times, between several different heights. We dropped so fast I could feel my body literally lifted off the seat! Good thing we had a safety belt on and handles to hold onto if needed! If definitely took my breath away, but I really liked the ride! You can tell in the photo below that we both were having fun!

tower of terror ride

If you like fast rides, and are a fan of The Haunted Mansion (which you will find in the Magic Kingdom), then you will probably like this older ride. The older rides at Disney World are just as exciting as the new ones. Do not forget to put a few on your must-try list! What classic Disney rides do you like?

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