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What you need to know about the Target Beauty Box

Happy Almost official Beauty & Fashion month here on Balance & Blessings Lifestyle Blog! While I was stuck home during a terrible snowstorm PA had last week, I decided to get ahead on some posts for April. I also made my first LIVE Facebook video, and created a Youtube Channel for Balance & Blessings! I was excited to finally open my Beauty Box from Target! As I explained in my live video, a beauty box is usually a monthly subscription you can cancel anytime. The first thing to know about the Target Beauty Box, is that it is not automatically renewed each month. You have to go on the website each month to purchase. I originally paid only $7 (with free shipping!) one time for the March box.

target beauty box new

Beauty boxes usually have several products in sample sizes for the subscriber to try. Sometimes you do not know what you are getting, but the Target Beauty Box is not like that. #2 thing to know is you can see a list of exactly what will be inside before you decide to purchase.

Target Beauty Box open only

The #3 thing I would tell you about this box is be quick about ordering, because within a few days it sold out! They have not appeared to restock it since. Another thing to know is they did offer a box that was only hair products, but by the end of March that was sold out as well! Not sure if that is something that will come back either.

#4 Thing to know is how freakin awesome Target customer service is, and how fast they are at communicating. Something strange that happened with my box: A few days after ordering, I received an email saying due to some kind of difficulties I might not be receiving my box. The next day after that I opened another email that said it was not coming, and my money would quickly be refunded. A day or two later, another email came in saying I was getting my box! The email went on to say since it was Target’s fault for the mix-up, I would be getting my Target Beauty Box for FREE! Woo-hoo!

What was inside?

#5 – The box has travel and may even have some FULL size products for both hair and skin. March’s included a full Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette, travel/trial sizes of several hair and skincare products, and a full-size box of temporary hair highlighter. Most of these would definitely last me more than a week, even a month!

Target Beauty Box with products around it

The price is definitely worth it.

#6 thing to know – Only $7 for 7 products, most of which are travel size. Have you seen how much some name brand travel size items cost in the beauty section? I bought a travel sized, bargain-brand priced hair shampoo the other day there, and it was almost $2! The price of the box is definitely worth it, especially with some of the products being by more expensive brands. I also love stocking up on travel size items like these since I travel often. This is also a fun way to try products I normally would not think to buy.

#7 thing to know is even if the products are not all what you think you would use, there is something else that may make the box worth ordering. In each of the March boxes there was a decent coupon: $3 off $15 hair & beauty. I could definitely spend at least $15 in hair and beauty products there!

target beauty box opened

So what else was in my box?

I talk a little more about each products in my video. You can see the video by joining my Facebook group for Balance & Blessings. You can also click this link to see it on my new Youtube Channel. Here is a lineup of the products:

Target Beauty Box products

#8 thing to know: If you go on the part of the Target website where you ordered the box, they list links for the full-size versions of the products that were in the box. Makes it super easy to go back and order any of the items that you enjoyed.

I was always a big Target fan, and hope they continue offering monthly beauty boxes. I am keeping an eye on the Target website to catch exactly when they release the April box (if they do.)

Did anyone else order a Target Beauty Box, or a beauty box by another brand that they enjoyed? Let me know what your favorite was in the comments!

Thank you for reading!


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