holyhstle and Happy Homemaking

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Holy Hustle and Happy Homemaking

“Happy Homemaking” is the theme for the month of June! Happy Homemaking can be done by anyone, whether you are a stay-at-home homemaker, a working-outside-the-home homemaker, or someone that might not be a homemaker yet, but practices hospitality and responsibility in other ways.  Many sometimes struggle with finding the balance between working a job and homemaking, homemaking and resting, working a job and resting, etc. Enter “Holy Hustle.”

Holy Hustle

I am starting this theme off with a review of a book that has recently been such an encouragement to me. I was honored to be a part of the launch team for Holy Hustle, and be able to read it ahead of it’s release date. It presents a message that not only goes well with the theme of happy homemaking, but also the reasoning behind the name for this blog “Balance & Blessings” (trying to find balance between all I do in life, and not overlook the blessings while trying to leave others feeling blessed.)

Holy Hustle was recently written by my friend and fellow introvert, Crystal Stine. She has experience as a full-time, career-focused working woman outside the home, and now a work-from-home Mom. She offers perspectives and examples from her own life stories and from others’ about what Holy Hustle means, and the importance of resting well. As her intro puts it: “we’ll unpack why Holy Hustle is different from the world’s view of hustle, how we can choose serving over striving, and what God says about work and rest.”

How I used Holy Hustle

In being a wife and homemaker while also juggling several part-time careers and hobbies, I seek my help and strength from God. Having a daily devotional of some type, and a ton of prayer has helped me in so many ways throughout life. Life might still not be perfect, but it is comforting to know God loves me, and He is always there for me to call on for help. This book is great for those looking for some kind a reading to use as a devotional. Crystal even put in lined pages at the end of each chapter for you to right notes, or answer questions she asks throughout the book. I read a chapter every day, and it was very hard to keep myself from reading ahead!

Holy Hustle is for you no matter what kind of work you do!

I could go on and on about all the topics Crystal goes over in the book about work and rest, but it would take forever. She talks about several topics that are tied into Holy Hustle: Competing vs serving, community, giving God the spotlight, motivation for getting started, a reminder that rest is also Holy, and so much more! I wanted to at least mention the part that was most encouraging to me, especially for being as I stated above, “a wife and homemaker while also juggling several part-time careers and hobbies.”

holy hustle book only

My Story & favorite part of Holy Hustle

I have several part-time careers (both work-from-home and outside the home), try to keep up with my family and friends, and try to find time to rest/vacation. Many people look at me like I have three heads, and ask many questions about how I keep myself organized. I let it get to me sometimes, I mean, the half-judgemental/half-she’s crazy looks. Sometimes I feel like I am indeed some kind of 3-headed crazy person even though I really do keep everything organized just the right way that even allows for flexibility. I guess those looks can be discouraging no matter if I manage to explain myself in a way they seem to understand.

And then I read chapter 7, and came to this quote:

“Your work matters. Whatever it is God has called you to do, it’s important because He has asked you to do it, not because it’s easily explained to the world.”

This made me shout, “YES!!!”

This was the perfect reminder I needed lately! I need to keep this in mind for whenever I start to doubt, or feel like I need to defend my life with a bunch of answers in response to how or why questions. I love my life how it is, and do not mind being an “open book” about myself. However, sometimes I need to remember the real answer underneath it all is “because God lead me to this, and this is how He is wants it to be done. That’s why!” I am living life this way because He called me to it! I am content with what He has lead me to, and need to remember it is ok to be different! Chapter 7 turned out to be my favorite chapter! Crystal goes on to say:

“The message of holy hustle is for everyone, because everyone has work to do that honors God.”

Not a particular type of work, not just talking about those who work outside the home, or are moms, or only those who have church or ministry-related jobs, but everyone’s work! Such encouragement anyone can relate to! She then reminds that even still, we are not enough trying to accomplish whatever it is alone. God gave it to us, but we still need to rely on Him through it all. He is there to help us no matter how big or small our work seems to be.

10 Chapters in this book, and all of them contain relatable messages about work and rest. I highly recommend purchasing a copy of your own. It is now available to purchase in paperback and audiobook form online at Target, Amazon, Christianbook.com, Barnes & Noble, and holyhustlebook.com.

Do not forget to check out Crystal’s website at www.holyhustlebook.com! You can also visit her instagram, twitter, and Facebook page for more about her and her new book!

Thanks for reading!




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