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Landscape and Nature – Photography & Inspiration

Who else loves summer? I certainly do! Once the warmer weather finally hit, I decided to try some landscape and nature photography. I first purchased a really nice camera sling-backpack that would make taking my new DSLR easy to bring along on hikes. I love hiking with my dog! You can read more about him in this post. I set off on a few hikes so far this summer, as well as played around at home with whatever nature I found around our yard. Here is a mix of what I came up with, as well as some inspirational quotes that relate to Earth and nature. God is certainly the master artist! I thank Him for all the beauty we have on this Earth.

Landscape and Nature Photography

The heavens declare the glory of God; nature photography

This shot, and the following two are from the top of Pole Steeple Trail in Gardners, PA. It happened to be the perfect sunset to shoot!

The Best View comes after the hardest Climb nature photography

Watch More Sunsets - landscape and nature photography

Pine Grove Furnace State Park Landscape and Nature Photography

This photo, as well as the flowers in the main image, were taken at Pine Grove Furnace State Park. I feel so lucky to live near such scenic places!

dog quote - Landscape and Nature Photography

Butterfly bush buds - Landscape and Nature photography

Taken in my backyard.

Nature Quote

Read more about our Sulcata Tortoise in this post. We found out since that he is actually a she!

Animal quote

Pole Steeple Sky - Landscape and Nature Photography

Another beautiful shot from Pole Steeple.

I want to keep working on my landscape & nature photography. In the meantime I hope you enjoyed my first few attempts.

Thank you for reading!


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