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How I see my favorite bands for cheap or FREE!

Concert season has begun, and there are quite a few “summer” tours that have already kicked off this month! Usually by the time a show is in town that I want to see, I have already been sitting on some highly valued concert tickets to it for months! I purchased them fair and square back when the tickets were released to the general public months ago, yet still got them for less than half the usual price! Sometimes I even get them for free! How? I will explain in a minute here while piggy-backing this post where I mentioned how I use LivingSocial to purchase tickets to shows and special events.

how i see my favorite bands for cheap or free tickets


How you might score cheap or free concert tickets

I want to preface this list of ways to get concert tickets for cheaper by stating I do believe in supporting artists, especially the ones who have been around long enough to truly deserve it. I think it is important to buy band merch directly from them (though that can get pricey too), do not pirate their music, and make sure you are purchasing tickets through official resellers that have direct partnerships with them so your favorite musician or band is still getting at least a small piece of the pie.

favorite bands new kids on the block

Concert tickets plus the travel involved can be the priciest investment to see your favorite artist. Not everyone can afford it, but not everyone knows the several ways you might find cheaper options either. So here is a post about a few ways you might find more affordable tickets, coming from my experience of over 15+ years of winning, losing, deal searching, volunteering, working behind the scenes, and much much concert attending!

Important: Keep Yourself organized from day 1!

Whether you are looking for discounted tickets, or hoping to score free ones, do this first:

  1. Make a list of the artists going on tour that you know you want as soon as you see them announce their tour dates. Take note of which venues you would be willing to travel to see them at. Also make note of the date their tickets go on sale to the public (unless you have a credit card that gives you presale dates/discounts you are planning to use.)
  2. Put those ticket sale dates on your calendar, start saving up money asap if you have not already, and try to keep those mornings free!


Whether you are dying to see a new act or an older one, a concert or a whole 5 day music festival, tickets can be pricey! And lets not even talk about all the “add-ons” and “VIP” packages they try to sell to you nowadays! If you do not care for the add-on or VIP stuff, I would definitely recommend checking out LivingSocial for your tickets. When the day comes that your favorite artist’s tickets go on sale to the general public, hop right on and check to see if any of their tour stops you were hoping to make it to are on there. Do not forget to check if there is a sale code on the LivingSocial website for the “things to do” category! You may end up with double the discount!

concert tickets for cheap or free otown

Good seats or bad seats?

I have noticed LivingSocial usually offers two options for seats at least when an artist comes to my preferred venue (which is Hersheypark Stadium – shown above.) The first option is the cheaper, further seats for a few bucks less. The second option is usually floor seat sections. You do not get to pick exactly which seats you get, but every time I have been pleased with what seats come out on my LivingSocial pass. I have used LivingSocial for several events and concerts now, and each time I managed great floor seats! I always purchase within a day or two of the tickets going on sale though, so I think it does pay to be fast! Don’t delay if you want the best chance at the better seating sections/closer rows!

On-air Radio Call-in giveaways

How many times do you hear DJs say “be caller #10 now to win your passes to….” I will admit I never entered these much being the introvert type. If I ever won anything ever in one of those, I can’s remember. I am sure people do all the time, and either way it is a chance at usually free tickets, plus a grand prize of VIP seats and/or meet and greet passes in some cases. As the concert nears keep an ear out on the local radio stations! You might find several are holding call-in contests for tickets.

Radio Website Contest Sign-ups – my favorite way to see my favorite bands for FREE!

As I stated in the paragraph above, I am more the introvert type. Instead of calling in, I prefer to go on the radio station’s website, and fill out a contest entry form. Some radio stations will run a separate contest from the call-ins for free tickets. Sometimes they are open longer, and some you can even enter every day for several consecutive days. I have won free tickets the most through this method. I even once won an artist meet n greet & private studio concert at a nearby radio station. So when that artist is coming to the area, check out the local radio stations’ websites for ways to enter ticket giveaways online.

favorite bands for cheap or free tickets from radio station

Take note: when you do win through a radio station, often the tickets will either be left for you at will-call, or you might have to pick them up at the station. Be sure to check all contest rules before you enter any contest for details like this!

Giveaways from Local Attractions

If you know the area well that an artist is coming to, look around other attractions or venues in that area that may be having giveaways of their own. My biggest free tickets win was actually from the Outlets in Hersey PA. A big music festival was coming to town again at Hershey Stadium, and the outlets next door had an online sign-up to win a free package of VIP tickets. Guess who won? 🙂 I won tickets for seats in the 7th row from the stage! Not only that, but also free passes to the after party and some other perks. I was close enough that when some of the artists came off the stage into the crowd, I got to high-five a few! It was nice being that close!

cheap of free vip tickets for boybands

favorite bands for cheap or free vip tent


Venue Giveaway

Be sure to follow all social media channels for the venues you prefer! I won free tickets to a band I wanted to check out a a newer venue last summer. All I did was enter through their Facebook contest, and ended up with a free night out!

I would also look around the social media of your preferred venue’s partner venues or attractions! For example, the Hershey Bears Hockey Facebook page hosts a “Winning Wednesdays.” Every Wednesday they have a different giveaway, and not only hockey related prizes. Sometimes they give away concert tickets for future shows at their partner venues, the Giant Center and Stadium. You might get some theme park tickets too!

Volunteer – a great way to meet or see my favorite bands too!

I highly recommend this if you are the type of person who can be flexible, patient, and respectful. As a volunteer, you are there to work, and not be distracted or distracting when your favorite band or artist might walk by. You might not get to see the whole show depending on what are you work in, but usually I choose merch or something where you get “breaks” during sets. Here I am pictured with Christian Rock band “Random Hero,” while I was helping sell merch at the “Disciple” table at a show in Lancaster, PA.

volunteer at concerts work merch

As a concert volunteer you get in for free, plus sometimes have the chance at meeting your favorite artists. I signed up to be a volunteer over 10 years ago while also interning at a Christian radio station during college. As for secular venues and concert promoters, I would search the websites to see if they let volunteers help-out. You might get to learn some cool backstage related stuff besides see your favorite artist. This is another one of my preferred ways to meet and see my favorite bands. You also leave feeling like you got to help! Always a great feeling.

Have you ever one anything by radio or social media? Tell me your stories in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


how i see my favorite bands for cheap


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