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Aromatherapy Diffuser Jewelry – Now available in my Etsy Shop!

I am happy to premiere my own line of Aromatherapy Diffuser Jewelry! I wanted to introduce a few pieces on here, and explain a little more about the different collections I am working on. First of all, if you do not know much about aromatherapy (the use of essential oils), than I would suggest visiting this post.

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Aromatherapy Hemp Jewelry

Now that Aromatherapy has really caught on, especially in the US, there is more demand for essential oil related products. Hence, more essential oil companies, accessories, and home related items are being produced. Essential Oil diffusing jewelry as been around for a while now. There is a ton just on Etsy, so why create more? Well, one thing I could not find was handmade aromatherapy jewelry that incorporated more than just a few lava stones on one hemp or leather string . It was not impressive to me since I have over 20 years of experience carefully braiding hemp into different designs. After scouring the internet, I really did not see anything with my idea: incorporate lava stones into jewelry made with beautifully colored hemp cord! So, I went ahead and married my skills in aromatherapy to making hemp jewelry. These are some the products so far.

“Purple Lotus” – Aromatherapy Hemp Necklace with clay pendant

This necklace features a glow-in-the-dark clay pendant. By the way, each design you see is unique, with only one ever made. Some will have the option of customizing colors, but not this one for now.

Purple lotus hemp aromatherapy necklace


Nautical Necklace

My first attempt at including aromatherapy in a hemp design. This also has a clay pendant. I modelled this one on my cruise. Read more about my first ever cruise in the next few blog posts!

Nautical Hemp Necklace


Aromatherapy Hemp Bracelets

I also brought this piece along on my cruise. Our ocean-view room window made a nice backdrop. There are several styles of Hemp bracelets in my Etsy Shop. I even started a few designs based off “The Little Mermaid” and her sisters! Most of my hemp stuff has a beachy/mermaid vibe!

Aromatherapy hemp bracelet

I do have a few non-aromatherapy pieces in my shop as well. If you prefer a more boho/hippie style, either should work for you. I plan on focusing on just aromatherapy related pieces through the end of this year.

aromatherapy hemp jewelry


Stretchy Aromatherapy Bracelets

Not going to lie, these are much easier, and less time consuming to make! You can easily make them yourself! I call these “aromatherapy bracelets with a little bit of pizzazz”. The style of these are more year-round seasons friendly, and a little more glam than boho/hippie. I might eventually make some that have a clay charm, or a metal charm with a felt disc inside you can drop essential oil onto. For now, I am using up any lava stones I could not find a use for when crafting my hemp collection.

aromatherapy diffuser jewelry now on etsy

Coming soon

Coming soon will be a men’s collection, possibly some things for kids, and keychains. Oh, and maybe some car vent clips! So many creative ideas have been flowing through my head!

To keep up with what is currently available, you can favorite my Etsy shop:

You can also get there by visiting the links in the “Go shopping” link in top menu of this right sidebar —>

Thank you for reading, and especially to those who have or will visit my Etsy Shop!



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