why these workout leggings are worth trying

Disclosure: Constantly Varied Gear provided free leggings to use for my honest review. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view. Thanks to my sponsor, Constantly Varied Gear, for supplying the free product to help me write this post today! I am excited to share about these awesome workout leggings!

Why These Workout Leggings are worth trying!

My review of leggings from Constantly Varied Gear

As we get ready for Holiday gift-giving, there will be a few posts coming up featuring products and brands I would suggest for gift ideas. This product review is all about workout leggings that were sent to me by Constantly Varied Gear. As I mentioned in my last post, I am trying to get back into working out and running. I am also on the choreography team for the Christmas show at my church. Between all that, this new workout wear has come in handy!

About Constantly Varied Gear

This brand’s communication has been great throughout the process of receiving and then reviewing their leggings. I like that this brand is a small family business based in the US. Not only do they offer many unique patterns of leggings, but also other workout apparel and accessories. They come out with new items pretty often, and I like the colorful designs they come up with. Being a business based on the East Coast, shipping to me in PA was very fast (3 days!) I loved the protective packaging my leggings came in.

constantly varied gear leggings

Why you should try these workout leggings

I was sent 2 different capri length leggings from Constantly Varied Gear. The black pair is their “Blacklisted” leggings, and the blue pair is their “Zenergy” leggings. It is important to note not all their leggings are available in both capri and full length. I did like that they all have pockets though!

cvg leggings black blue


Both pairs of capri leggings seemed to fit the same way. There is a sizing chart on the website to help you figure out which size to get. They were tighter than I usually would prefer, so I would definitely try a size up to a small for next time.


Throughout all my dancing, squatting, running, either pair has stayed put. They definitely passed my “squat test” with flying colors. Between the material and tightness they really do not move around much.

Print and designs

Whether you like solid colors or bold designs, CVG offers quite a few options. The print on the Zenergy leggings was clear and not pixelated. Neither black nor blue pair were see-through. The blue Zenergy leggings had holes in the back of the calves/knees for breathability that also added to the trendiness. I like the little CVG skull & cross-barbells logo that was on the pocket of the black pair.


zenergy cvg leggings


cvg leggings blue

cvg black leggings

blacklisted capri cvg

More details

As you might be able to tell in the photo above, the waist is not “fold-over.” I prefer leggings that have a waist designed this way so this was a win for me. I would like to try one of their headbands next. They even have headbands that match some of their leggings! You can visit the CVG website to see more designs and info. They also have a very active Facebook page, Facebook group, and a blog!

I found some Christmas list worthy items, and maybe you will too!

Thanks for reading!



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