Practical Gift Ideas for those who need to relax

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Practical Gift Ideas for those who need to Relax!

First of all, “those” is me. I need to relax! hahaha – but for real! Send me all the relaxing things cause this girl is terribly busy this time of year! I am having fun though; involved in my church’s big Christmas musical again, running my massage business, packing for Christmas & New Year’s Eve trips, and planning for 2020!

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Do you know anyone crazy busy like me? Well then they also might be a “those!” Here are some gift ideas they might actually use and really appreciate! I know it is getting close to Christmas, and these items may not make it in time unless you maybe use prime. Just wanted to note these items are usually available throughout the year, so you can always gift these for Birthdays or other holidays!


Practical Gift Ideas for those who need to relax better

A Gift Card for a massage or spa day

First of all, being a massage therapist I must suggest a Spafinder wellness gift card or a gift certificate to a favorite spa for a massage! I always recommend getting a massage once a month, and some people need it more often than that! The cost definitely adds up, so if you know someone that sticks to regular massages they will definitely appreciate this gift! Maybe the person you are trying to shop for never tried massage, but wants to. It would make for a special treat and a nudge for them to finally try it! You can read more about the benefits of massage therapy in this post. If they do not like massage, facials and reflexology can also be very relaxing!

Gift Card for a Getaway

Maybe the person you are shopping for needs to get away from it all, or can not always afford a vacation when they need. You can easily purchase AirBnB gift cards from Amazon, and have them conveniently shipped to them! Give them a chance to get away for some relaxation wherever they prefer to find it!

Spa day at home

Maybe they really can’t getaway. Give them their own spa day at home! This nice set contains a candle, luxary bath tools, and soaps.
practical gift ideas bath set

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Did you know salt lamps not only look aesthetic, but also purify the air by emitting negative ions to clear air of smoke, dander, pollen, and other polutants? The are very healthy to have around! (Not suggested for those with cats as pets)

practical gift ideas salt lamp

Aloe infused pillow cases

These pillow cases offer luxury + wellness being infused with Aloe, and hypoallergenic. Come in a set of 4! 11 colors to choose from, and available in either regular or king size! 

practical gift ideas pillow cases

Hot & Cold Aromatherapy Herbal Neck and Shoulder Wrap

This is something that would be useful for anyone with soreness or tightness in the neck/shoulders/upper back!

This wrap is infused with a herbal/aromatherapy blend of lavender, chamomile, lemon grass, peppermint, flax seed & wheat. Can be heated or cooled, and comes in 5 colors.

Hot Stone Set

Hot stones are great for pain relief, and quickly loosening up body tissues. This set is the “mini” version of the larger set I carry around for my massage business. What I love about this kind of warmer is that it is waterless, and heats quickly! I can not say enough about how much I love my hot stone set! For under $50, it is a steal!

Massage Tool Kit

Another great self-care help that would also relax is this kit of massage tools. It includes an exercise guide and info about all the items included. This is especially good for those looking to work out muscle issues on their own at home.

practical gift ideas massage tools

Yoga Mat (extra thick!)

This is a good idea whether they are trying to get into yoga, or are already practicing it. I like mats like this because the thickness makes them great for outdoors as well as indoors. This particular mat is available in 8 colors. Yoga is something I highly suggest to everyone as a way to relax, gain greater flexibility, and improve posture.

Relaxing Music

This is one of the CDs I carry with me to massage appointments. This 2 CD set contains almost 2 hours of Classical music that will relax. Many of the pieces are recognizable Classical favorites!

practical gift ideas classical music

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and joyous times no matter what holiday(s) you celebrate this month! Happy shopping through this busy time of year! Maybe you need to shop for these practical gift ideas for relaxation for yourself. If you do, best wishes for peace and relaxation this Holiday season!

Thanks for reading!

See ya in 2020!


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