Winter Workout Jams

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My 2020 List of Winter Workout Jams

Welcome to my “Music Month” of March! There will be several posts relating to music during this month. After my post last October that featured my favorite Fall workout playlist, I had some requests for another playlist type of post. I am open to listening to many genres and artists, so my preferred playlist changes often. I am sharing my current playlist favorites that shows such variation in what I listen to that it might just offer something for everyone! Check it out, and see if any of these hits go along with your usual favorites too! You may even find a new favorite artist!

my 2020 list of winter workout jams play

Winter Workout Jams

Here is my list of Winter Workout Jams that keep me motivated and energized as I run, dance, or workout in any other way. Click the links to purchase the singles, albums, and find more info about the artist. To make it even easier and more affordable, you could always Join Amazon Prime Music – The Only Music Streaming Service with Free 2-day Shipping – 30-day Free Trial


The Elements – Tobymac

My favorite Christian artist is always on my list! Whether you are into “Christian music” or not, this guy’s hits are perfect for inspirational, motivating workout jams. If you ever get to see him live, be prepared for a workout! There is always a ton of high-energy jumping and dancing around nearly his whole show!

Not Dead Yet – Ledger

The perfect workout song that especially inspires if you are feeling beat up! I like the piano riffs in this song, and have been attempting to play it by ear myself.

Are You Ready – Disturbed

A single off their most recent album, this song also provides encouragement for those struggling against preying “bullies” of any sort.

From The Ashes – Red

Even though Red is considered a Christian alternative rock band, they have worked with secular bands as well. Most recently was a collab with Breaking Benjamin. They orginally began in my own home state of PA in 2006, and have since toured all sorts of venues and festivals around the world!

The Sound – Random Hero

Even though I myself only discovered Random Hero a couple of years ago, they have in fact been together a year longer than Red. I am digging their newest album, “Tension”. (Though as a massage therapist at the end of the day that is the last word I want to hear sung or spoken.)

 Burn It Down – Linkin Park

An older hit, but I am still hooked on this Album by Linkin Park as I was in my Fall workout playlist post! There albums are most always filled with great workout jams.

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart – Backstreet Boys

I can not have a playlist that leaves out boybands! Being a BSB fan for a long time, I can not believe I put a NKOTB hit on my Fall playlist instead of these guys first!

We Will Rock You – Queen

Um, because it’s hockey season? Also because a local theatre is doing “We Will Rock You” The Musical this year, so it is on my mind! Had to also include a classic like this on the list!


I usually workout for about 30 minutes max, so this 29 minute list is just about right timewise. See if it works for you! What songs would you add? I am open to suggestions for my list! Drop them below in the comments.

Thanks for reading!


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