About Me

First of all, welcome to my blog! My name is Jillian. I am a 30-something, follower of Christ, wifey, pet-mom, wellness advocate, music loving introvert with extrovert tendencies from Pennsylvania (USA). I work as a Licensed Massage Therapist by day, and musician/piano teacher by night (or vice-versa!) I love my careers, and also love to travel, model, act, art, animals, people, but most of all my gracious and merciful Heavenly Father who continues to guide me to what is best for me in His perfect plan for my life. I feel very thankful, grateful, and blessed to have the life I do.

This blog was created to be a place I can share anything about anything. A place where it is okay to combine all parts of my life plus share new ideas, articles, tips and tricks, products and anything else I think might interest/entertain my readers. I will try not to make it too random as I create balance between all the parts of my life while recounting my adventures and more through this blog. I hope my posts inspire you, and leave you feeling blessed.

Thank you for visiting!