I like to tell people that I am a Licensed Massage Therapist by day, and a musician by night, or vice-versa. I feel very blessed to have a lifestyle where I can use both my Music and Massage Therapy degrees. I have a Bachelor’s in Music with my main instrument being piano or keyboards. I grew up mostly playing “Church music”, and more recently I have been in several bands both Christian and Secular. Music will always be part of who I am.

Keyboard Shoot with my “baby” keyboard. I have 2 besides my full-size electric that usually stays home.

I usually teach around 5 (now 10 since this was originally posted!) piano students during the week. I love them all! I am lucky to have had really bright, committed students. Once in a while I might dote on them a little. 🙂

2016 Photo Shoot.

Along with music I love to sing, act, and more recently Model. Modeling is fun for me because it is in a way performing or sometimes playing a character. I do not do it to make tons of money. Most of the time it is for newer photographers in the local area to get a start with their own business or practice using their equipment.

2015 Photo Shoot.

Modeling now and then over the past 3 years has lead me to look into useful ways to use the photos, and more ideas for shoots. I recently started a social media influencer type of relationship with brands which I explain a little more about in this post: http://balanceandblessings.com/2017/07/15/sand-cloud-ambassador/

I have been studying up on what it takes to be a brand ambassador, and how to incorporate marketing affiliations into this blog. I promise to not bombard you with products and annoying ads, but hopefully keep things clean and classy with a few posts about fashion and practical tips or products around some entertaining posts about my music and modeling adventures. Another reason I started this blog was because I wanted a way I could tie all parts of my life together plus introduce fun new ventures. Posting between social media pages I try to keep separate for my different careers gets tiring! This lifestyle blog will be a place I can let it all out, and will hopefully give my readers inspiration, practical tips for life, humor, entertainment, useful information in response to their questions, and more. Finding a balance between all the parts to my life and blessing yours in the meanwhile is my ultimate goal.

Thank you for reading!

<3 Jillian

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