Newport Beach Pier from side

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#4 – Swim at Newport Beach Pier (5 Things to do in Orange County)

This post is #5 in a series of 6. See post #1 here: 5 Things to do in Orange County

A totally free thing to do (except for maybe parking) would be to visit the Newport Beach Pier. It is located just off West Balboa Blvd. as you enter Balboa Island in Newport Beach. Address we used for Uber: 70 Newport Pier, Newport Beach, CA 92663. If you drive down further on Balboa Blvd., eventually you can get to another pier: Balboa Pier. It is also very nice to walk around, and enjoy sunsets from.

newport pier sign

We went into the area to find dinner, and walked around that part of town till sunset. There are a few different restaurants, bars, and shops in the immediate area. If you do not mind walking a bit more or driving there are plenty more out on Balboa Blvd.

Newport Beach Pier town

We loved our night out at Newport Beach Pier!

As the sun was just starting to set we went to the pier to take some photos. The beach is crowded this time of year, but getting around at this time of day was not too bad. It was easy to take bystander-free photos underneath the pier, and we had plenty of room to wade around on either side as well as on top. If you want to go later, the pier is usually open til midnight.

under newport beach pier

I am glad we went during sunset. We were able to get some really nice photos whether we were on the pier or beside it.

^Love to take along trendy accessories on nice nights out! I highly recommend an easy to carry wallet that can fit your phone and cards. Also, do not forget your camera if you prefer using that for photography, because obviously this part of Cali provides plenty of gorgeous scenery!

Enjoy, and thanks for reading!


newport beach pier side

under newport beach pier

newport beach pier waves

newport beach pier tide

newport beach pier orange sunset

moon over newport beach pier

newport beach pier dark sunset

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