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My Disney Style

How this “Little Mermaid” went to Disneyland!

*Edit 7/2018: since this post was written, Modcloth has closed their affiliate program. Due to this, some links might be inactive.

For my first time to Disneyland, I decided it would be fun to dress up a little like one of my favorite characters. Luckily, my best friend who went with me decided too that it was a fun idea. Since we were going in the beginning of August, we knew it would be really hot that time of year. We planned our outfits for comfort and breath-ability in the heat. By the end of that long day, running around between Disneyland Resort Park and California Adventure (get the park hopper tickets- always worth it!), going on and off indoor/outdoor rides and shows, water rides and non-water rides, my outfit successfully kept me comfortable throughout. I brought cute, little-mermaid-green shorts along in my mini backpack, but I did not put them on until later evening.

A Tip:

I highly recommend getting there as early as possible and hitting the fast pass systems and most popular rides all first.

my disney style heading 2

Here is where every piece of my outfit came from.

Top – Etsy

Both our tops came from Etsy. For mine, I requested a custom order from the shop to change the silhouette from just Ariel’s head to her whole mermaid body I saw on one of there other shirts that had different wording. Never hurts to ask if something can be made differently! This is why I love, and strongly support Etsy shops! I was originally looking for a red or green bandeau bra for underneath, but could not find one quite the right shade of either. I instead ended up with a breathable, yet modest white sports bra. Worked just fine since my tank was big on me. It was a smart choice to order tanks rather than tees. This time of year (First week of August) is very hot, and most ride lines are in the direct sun. Do not put your Disney style over comfort here!

A tip:

make sure you check the weather for the Anaheim area, as it is shockingly hotter than weather just a few minutes West on the CA coast.

ariel top disney style

Leggings – Lotus leggings

I was super excited to finally wear my Mermaid leggings from Lotus Leggings! I had ordered the regular long length, and rolled them up into capris. They do now sell their mermaid leggings in capri lengths, and in more colors besides green. I did do a run-through of wearing them at home before the trip to make sure they were comfortable enough for me since I have slightly sensitive skin. At Disneyland, they stayed rolled well, and were surprisingly comfy and cool even in the 90 degree weather. I was even more surprised that when they did get wet on a water ride, they did not become humid and uncomfortable. I received many compliments, from other park attendees to cast members! By the way, I will talk more about this brand, and a few other brand of leggings in a future fashion month post. Keep an eye out

my disney style leggings

Flip-flops – The Dollar Store

I am a sucker for dollar stores. I could not believe how hard it was to find either purple or little mermaid greenish flip-flops! For the entire summer leading up to our trip, I was on the hunt! Of course the last place I went, not even looking for shoes mind you, had them. I was a little nervous about wearing cheap flip-flops, but these stayed together perfectly fine, and never got uncomfortable. Only had a few small blisters started to appear by the end of the day, which I did not even notice till the next morning.

*Another practical Disney Tip*

Guess what is also usually available at the dollar store? TONS of useful Disney items! I always see pens, collapsible water bottles shaped like characters, stickers, and more!

Some other things I bought at the Dollar Store that could fit in my backpack:

– A little Minnie mouse notebook for costumed characters to autograph (See my photo with Mickey above)

– A smaller sized water bottle (pictured in photo above with Walt Disney Statue) that did not leak once! Disneyland does provide free small cups of ice water at almost any food stand. This water bottle was the perfect size to transfer the water into.

Moral of story: you never know what you might find at the dollar store!

my disney style flipflops


Mini backpack – “Fanzybagz” from Ebay

my disney style backpack light Another thing I was on the hunt a long while for was a mermaidish backpack. I did not want to be too weighed down, or have trouble taking my bag with me on rides, so I decided a mini backpack would be the way to go. I finally found a cute one the size I wanted on Ebay. It was used, but great condition. It worked perfectly to fit all I needed, and was comfortable to wear all day. Bonus – on the “Ariel’s Undersea Adventure” ride it did this:

disney style backpack dark






Jewelry – Hot Topic

I like to make my own jewelry as needed, but throughout the summer Hot Topic had some great sales on their Disney items whether in store or online. I found a few things I liked, including two bracelet sets, and a shell charm I attached to a gold necklace chain I had. This was able to complete my Disney style well!


my disney style bracelets

my disney style necklace

If I go to any Disney Park again, be sure there will be a future post about my Disney Style then! What character should I base my fashion off of next time? What is your favorite character?

Thanks for reading!



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