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Battle of the Leggings

LuLaRoe vs. Lotus Leggings vs. Modcloth

Which Trendy Leggings are the best?

*Updated 7/2018: Modcloth has dropped it’s affiliate program since this post was originally published, so some links may be inactive.

So finally, here it is. A post that pits some of the biggest brands that offer trendy leggings against each other. Sorry to those who I may offend! (haha) This post is really just my personal experience with and opinions of leggings I purchased from these three brands:


Lotus Leggings


To make things easier, I came up with this scoring system, and nifty chart to show how everything ranked.

LuLaRoe                                                       Lotus                                                    Modcloth

Softness                  best 3                         Better 2                          Good 1
Flexibility              best 3                         Best 3                          Best 3
Durability             better 2                         Best 3                         Better 2
Variety/Availability best 3                        Better 2                         Good 1
Shipping              best 3                       Good 1                        Better 2
Price                     good 1                       Best 3                        Better 2
Sizing (Smalls or OS) better 2                       Best 3                         Best 3

Keep in mind my ratings are also based out of what is comfortable for my size, which is usually an XS; 5’3″ slim figure. As you can see, I judged these three brands that offer trendy leggings on several different factors. I tried to wear each to a more active event, as well as lounging around my house. Here is a summary about my experience with each brand:

1. LuLaRoe


trendy leggings LuLaRoe

Oh, lularoe, how you overwhelm the masses with your many designs, and facebook party invites!

No really, great brand. They definitely deserved to be in the number one spot on my list. I found the perfect leggings to match a comfy dress I wanted to wear for my massage office open house.








Buttery soft leggings as advertised. Many patterns to choose from, and even Disney branded patterns. When you buy you are supporting someone’s small business. I almost always purchase LuLaRoe from my friends, Amanda and Dianne. They are a Mother-daughter team from PA. You can find their current offers and parties in their official Facebook group.


You might have a hard time finding a specific pattern in the size you want. Most expensive unless you host a party with enough guest purchases to earn yourself free leggings.

2. Lotus Leggings

Score: 17

trendy leggings lotus at disney

You may have seen Lotus Leggings advertisements on Facebook. They have great sales quite frequently, and feature capri length and workout designs besides the usual long length. They had the biggest selection of patterns I would actually love to have. My leggings worked perfectly for a full day at Disneyland and California Adventure. You can read more about my experience, and the rest of my outfit in this recent post.


Huge selection of fun, unique prints you will not see from most other brands. Very eye-catching!


Expensive if you do not catch a sale. Shipping took a little longer than the others (closer to 4 weeks!)

3. Modcloth

Score: 14

trendy leggings modcloth

trendy leggings modcloth pattern

Modcloth is more known for their vintage clothing and accessories, but as a fresh Modcloth affiliate I was willing to try anything to get started promoting their brand. I caught a sale that included accessories, and this pattern really caught my eye! I tried wearing these to workout in including a long Yoga flow. My sensitive skin did not like this brand’s leggings as much. They were not nearly as soft as others, which brought their ratings down. Length and fit were perfect, and the bonus of their “Blue Galaxy” pattern was that it hides underwear lines well.






Affordable, do have sales often. Fast Shipping! (A week max for anything I have ordered.)


Not as comfortable as the others. I think I have seen the pattern I have sold by a few other brands. Not a big selection of leggings.





In conclusion, I had fun experimenting with these brands of trendy leggings. They each have something different to offer as far as patterns and sizes of leggings. All 3 also sell other articles of clothing I can say the same of. For the most part I have always been pleased with any purchase from these brands. I am really excited to soon receive my 2nd Modcloth order; a dress! I promise an update on that by the end of this month! Here is a link for a discount off your first Modcloth order:


What brand of leggings is your favorite? What other brands would you like to see rated?

Thanks for reading!



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