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My Favorite Fall Fashion and Accessories

Where to find versatile pieces for under $50!

Through these past few fall seasons, I have been adding pieces to my fall wardrobe from my favorite stores. I have had fun picking out pieces for some fun photo shoots in the process. Here are some of my favorite pieces and accessories, and where they came from.


favorite fall fashion boots

Photographer: Robert Shultz


Shirt – Kohl’s ($10)

Scarf – Maurices ($12)

Pants – Old Navy ($20)

Boots – Maurices ($36 on sale)

2015: The year I finally got into fashion boots. All my favorite boots since have mostly come from Maurices. If you catch a sale, you can get them as low as 50% off (which usually brings them down to the $30-$40 range). A nice thing about this brand is they usually carry the same styles every year in their shoes, even if the design is slightly changed. My secret for this store is to try on in store, but buy online. I always find more size options online, and better sale and clearance selection as well as “online only” items. This goes for more than just their shoes.

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favorite fall fashion scarf

2015 was also the year I started getting into scarfs. This one was also a Maurices item. I still do not own many, but you may see a new one of mine in a future post by the end of this month! 😉

Favorite Fall Fashion apples

Photographer: Jeffrey Keyser


Hat – (Borrowed) usually $12-20

Dress – Old Navy ($15 on sale)

Scarf – (Gifted) usually $12-20

Necklace – Street Sale ($10)

I am not ashamed to admit I sometimes complete a look by using/re-using some accessories or outfit pieces I have lying around. If they are in great condition and versatile enough, why not? Thanks to some good ol thrift shopping this whole look cost me less than $50! Old Navy is always carrying those shorter sundresses which often change colors and patterns through the seasons, and this midi-length dress is the same thing, just longer. I have not seen as much variety in this length sold in stores, but have noticed more online.

BTW, I usually do not wear hats, but this one grew on me. I think 2017 will be the year I get more into hats.

favorite fall fashion bw

Photographer: Lincoln Harris


Cardigan – Maurices ($25 on sale)

Top – Kohl’s ($5)

Leggings – Maurices ($15 on clearance)

Shoes – Payless ($18 with text sale code)

Payless is my secret weapon for a great variety of affordable shoes. I love that you can use text sale codes on items that are on sale in-stores. I rarely pay more than $20 for a pair of shoes from there.

Payless ShoeSource

Kohl’s is possibly the best place for cheap basics. For this shoot I wore a basic white T. I do not think their quality is the best, but their clothes run so cheap I do not mind so much.

What are your favorite stores for affordable pieces? When and where have you found your favorite fall fashion and accessories?

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