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New Year, New Blogging Report!

Happy 6 months to me as an official blogger! I decided to finally publish my first blogging report. This is when bloggers are supposed to be “real”, and come clean about how much their blog has made, traffic generated, number of social media followers across platforms, etc. As still a new blogger, of course I have not made tens of thousands of dollars yet. I would be happy with 10 readers a day! Haha. Even though there is not much to report this time, I figured it would not hurt to do at least one yearly report. You have to start somewhere, and it will be nice to have an easy-to-read summary to come back to in the future to compare to in order to see how far I have come.

End of 2017 Blogging Report

Since I started my blog in late June of 2017, I have:

Monetized it through affiliate advertising, and hosting ads from Google Adsense. Total profit between the 2 being about $100 = I got my money back I spent on opening it, and then some! I reached a goal I had in mind, which was to make enough by the end of 2017 to at least be paid back what I spent on things I did to start a blog (buying the domain, a cute theme off Etsy, extra security protection, etc.)

Affliliates have included Modcloth, Maurices, Target, Amazon, Payless Shoesource, and more! Affiliate networks have included, Commission Junction, and Linkshare (Rkauten Marketing.)

new blogging report target ad

I started using a few new social media platforms I never used before to help promote it. (Twitter & Stumbleupon)

I taught myself how to use several tools to help my blog look good, and to grow. I learned how to use for graphics, which is really fun and easy. Tailwind is a good tool for promoting, and I might just upgrade to the full version after my free trial is finished.

I have around 20 subscribers to my blog. While I have not started a newsletter yet, I am thrilled to have this many sticking around.

Social Media Promotion

I opened up a few business accounts through search engine/social media platforms, and more recently started a facebook group (10ish followers so far in the group:

My instagram ( always hit my small monthly goals for number of followers. I am now up to around 450.

Twitter: ( I have 20 twitter followers last I checked, but none on stumble though several of my posts have been highly shared on there.

Pinterest ( has been a big drive of traffic to my blog. I have 250 followers, which is also close to my goals I had in mind to reach by 2018.

Goals for 2018

Learn how to monetize through Pinterest with affiliate links.

Make enough blogging that it will not only keep covering the expenses of keeping up said blog, but also help payoff a student loan, a car loan, and perhaps pay for a nice vacation!

Keep growing all my followers (1000 through each social media platform by the end of 2018 would be nice.)

In conclusion, I am happy to have started this journey even though it was way more work and time than I initially thought it would take. I have had some fun experiences, learned a ton that I can also apply to my other business ventures, and met many other bloggers who have been very helpful and kind to network with. I have decided to keep this up as long as I can!

What else is in the works for 2018?

Well, not sure if I want to go back to having a different blogging theme for each month. I will at least do a travel month again, and possibly DIY closer to Spring Holidays. Thinking of trying out some photography blogging once in a while – just some fun pics in less rambly, shorter posts!

Thank you to everyone who has given their advice and time as I scramble to keep this thing going. I am grateful for all those who have read, clicked, shared, stumbled, pinned, commented, liked, and all that other stuff!

Thank you for visiting!



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