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Disneybounding and Dress Up

(10 of my favorite things we did at Walt Disney World – Part 3)

First off, let me explain that “Disneybounding” is when you put an outfit together based off one a character usually wears, or his usual colors. Some Disney fans make it more challenging; sewing their own cosplay-level outfits, and mimicking their character’s makeup and hair! Some Disney park fans like to dress in the colors of their favorite attraction. I kept it simple and chose some Disney Princesses. This worked out well since my two year old niece happened to bring along some of those Disney Princess dresses you usually would play dress up with. You can find them at Target (see recommended products at bottom of post.)

disneybounding target banner

It could not be more fun to not only Disneybound like your favorite character, but to do so alongside a two year old! My niece turned heads throughout our adventures! Here are some fun, Disneybounding photos from our Days at Disney!

Cinderella’s Happily Ever After dinner

We loved our first ever character dining experience! You can read more about it in this post.

These were very last minute dinner reservations I was not prepared for! I was able to at least come up with a quick outfit based on Cinderella’s ballgown colors out of what I had packed. My niece was sure prepared though!

disneybounding Dinner with Cinderella

Magic Kingdom

I can not tell you how priceless my Niece’s reaction was when “Aunt Jill” woke her up telling her it was finally the day we were going to go to “Elsa’s Castle!” (In her two year old mind that is currently obsessed with Frozen and Elsa, it is Elsa’s Castle, NOT Cinderella’s. Got it?) Actually, I first asked her if she wanted to build a snowman; as I was already in my Princess Anna ensemble. All I got was a weird/surprised look before reminding her we were going to go see Elsa’s castle.

anna and elsa disneybounding

I planned out my outfits for this trip well in advance, and had no idea that my niece was bringing dress up clothes. It was a coincidence we were in the Anna/Elsa outfits on the same day – Disney Magic, perhaps? You never know what the weather might do during the winter in Florida. It took a lot of research and checking of weather reports to try to guess what it would be like each day we would be there. I planned for a cold day at Magic Kingdom, and I turned out to be right! It is hard to believe it was almost 80 the day before! My niece usually had long clothes under her dresses. As I mentioned earlier, you can usually find her dresses at Target, but as for my outfit, it took a bit more work.

Princess Anna

The boots were the only thing I already owned, and the jeggings were an affordable find at Walmart. I took a chance on the shirt, and free-handed the floral design from Anna’s vest onto a cheap shirt from Walmart using fabric paint. The scarf was a lucky, last-minute Target clearance find that was so big that when unfolded could be used as a blanket. I went back after my trip, and bought the same thing in teal. See recommended products at the bottom of post for images of these items.

disneybounding anna


Hollywood Studios

On this day my niece opted for her Belle Dress. Aunt Jill came prepared for Star Wars attractions.


disneybounding belle dress

disneybounding star wars


*See recommended products below to shop “Belle’s” dress, and a few more fun finds for your next trip to Disney!

Shirt: Target

Shoes: Payless

Leggings: My newest pair of leggings are from Lotus Leggings; same brand I ordered my Mermaid leggings from I wore in Disneyland this past summer. See them in this post about my Little Mermaid outfit!

Disneybounding mermaid


Disney Springs

disneybounding minnie mouse

It can be hard to get a toddler to hold still! She likes to give lots of poses haha.

Don’t you love those adorable mouse ears?







Don’t forget baby!

My younger niece (who turned one that week) was dressed up in Disney wear as well!

disneybounding baby


Did you ever go “Disneybounding?” It is fun to show some creativity and make memories together as a family.

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