Meeting Mickey and Minnie in Hollywood Studios

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Meeting Mickey and Minnie (at Hollywood Studios)

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Meeting Mickey and Minnie is high on everyone’s Disney to-do list! I am so glad we did not try to hunt down, or wait in the long lines at Magic Kingdom in order to meet them. We happened to find where they were at in Hollywood Studios, and without a super long wait. They are located in a little house diagonally across from ABC Commissary, where we ate lunch. (Read more about our food experience in this post!) The line had an overhang which provided shade, and there is a short hallway to wait in before your party alone is escorted further down the hall where you meet Minnie first. Even upon entering the hallway we could sense the extra Disney Magic in the air!

Meeting Mickey and Minnie poster plain Mickey and Minnie poster effects

Meeting Mickey and Minnie is also nice in this location because they are conveniently in two large, separate rooms. This is perfect if you have a big party with you! We were able to take family photos with them if we wanted besides separate photos of each individual. They really took their time with the 6 of us, which was also nice.

Meeting Mickey and Minnie Mouse

My two year old niece of course was in HEAVEN.

I am sure this would be a wonderful, exciting experience for any child! Minnie is a favorite, so my niece immediately ran into her arms! They embraced for a long while, and Minnie loved her so much we had a surprise! When it was time for us to move on down the hall to Mickey’s room, she motioned to the photographer. Next thing we know she got up, took my niece’s hand, and escorted her down the hall to Mickey’s room! She was definitely my niece’s BFF!

Meeting Mickey and Minnie at HS

Mickey was fun to meet, and again the rooms either were in were huge! It was nice to be out of the sun, have time to take all the photos we wanted, and have it be just our family in each room with the characters. My niece, as well as the rest of the family, loved their classic outfits.

Meeting Mickey and minnie mickey room

Mickey took his time with my nieces too. Both Mickey and Minnie tried very hard to also keep the attention of my one year old niece, but she really was not thrilled with them. Maybe next time!

Meeting Mickey and Minnie with kids

Meeting Mickey and Minnie was a highly enjoyable, memorable experience. As my niece said as we exited, “THAT WAS AWESOME!!!”

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