My Broadway Show Bucket List

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My Broadway Show Bucket List

Welcome to the first post of Music Month! I thought it would be fun to talk about some shows I have seen or not seen that are on my Broadway Show bucket list, and might be on yours too! First, quick recap of the past week/weekend: Last weekend started off a crazy mess of running between my new LMT job in the Spa at the beautiful Allenberry Resort in Boiling Springs, Giving chair massage at a local Folk Music Festival, and preparing for my piano recital which was Sunday. Everything ended up going okay, and I am extremely proud of how my 9 students played at the Recital! I think they all played better than me!

Crazy week of music!

After the big recital though, things did not slow down for me much. This is why there were no posts last week; I had a photoshoot with an old photographer friend I had not seen in a long time, a meeting with a church that involved a few other musicians about creating a contemporary service, and an audition with a local pop band. That was only the first half of the week!

broadway show bucket list keyboard

Next, finally some more relaxing music related activities to end the week: I finally got a chance to watch “The Greatest Showman,” which I loved, and a live performance by “The Piano Guys!” (no photos were allowed, so this is all I got from before they came out!)

the piano guys broadway show bucket list

I was so highly impressed by the movie and the show (which yes, they do a cover from The Greatest Showman), I am still in musical mode in my mind which brought me to decide on the subject for this first “music month” post! Here is my Broadway Bucket List that contains both newer productions and much-loved classics. Some can be crossed-off, but some I am still dying to see! Maybe they will give you ideas for your own bucket list.

1. Phantom of the Opera

(Check!) My most favorite musical since before I can remember, and long before the movie made it cool back in my college days! There has rarely been a recital where I have not included a piece from this musical. I saw it as a senior gift from my parents towards the end of High School. It is a classic that has stood the test of time from Andrew Lloyd Webber. If you like big, dark, romantic, elegant musicals with more choral elements in the music, this is for you!

2. Wicked

(Check!) I finally saw this musical less than 4 years ago. Not knowing what to expect besides a basic summary of the storyline, I had no idea it would be such a brilliant comedy! EVERYTHING including the voices, acting, score, sets, effects, and humor was perfect! It is another one that to this day is still selling out shows, and if you see it you will immediately know why!

Broadway show Bucket List wicked

3. Lion King

I worked with someone who was an actor on the International Tour a few years ago. Still never seen it anywhere, but this show has lasted long enough now you have to figure it must be for a good reason. As if being Disney and being the Lion King are not reasons enough to go! Therefore, it is on my list.

4. Anastasia

I always loved the animated movie, and was so excited it finally became a Broadway show in recent years. I am dying to see it at this point, especially after being teased by short performances during the annual Macy’s Day Parade I religiously watch every Thanksgiving!

5. Carousel

Had to include a super old, classic musical. Actually, I never even seen the old movie-musical. I have heard/played some songs, but I think it is time to finally see this. Age old question here: Which should I see first? The movie or the live version?

6. My Fair Lady

Always one of my favorite movies, and favorite for vocal audition pieces. If you have not seen the Broadway show, at least see the movie staring Audrey Hepburn.

7. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Listed this one to include more “big, dark, scary” shows my husband might actually see with me. I liked the movie with Johnny Depp so much I bought it! I really like the songs, but if you do not like blood and gore (even if some is comedic), then you might not be into this.

8. Hamilton

Been trying to keep up with the newer shows out there, and decide which might be worthy of this list! Most people who have recently suggested a newer musical to me have suggested this one. Sounds funny enough, and I keep hearing Lin-Manuel Miranda’s name more and more. I hear tickets can be hard to get, so it may be a while yet. (Hear what I did there?)

9. Newsies (Touring)

This. So many Disney fans my age for YEARS were dying for this to be Broadway show! I can not believe I have not been to it yet! Hoping to finally catch the tour somewhere nearby soon! For now, last I checked, you can watch the Broadway version on Netflix!

10. Love Never Dies (Touring)

Being such a Phantom fan, I really want to see this sequel to “The Phantom of the Opera.” It has not been as popular, but still written by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

*Musicals I wish were on Broadway: “The Greatest Showman” – Can not get this one out of my head, and watched it twice more! So good, I had to mention it again! I loved the music, cast, message(s), and am definitely purchasing this movie to own soon!

What movie or story do you wish had a live Broadway show? What shows are your favorite, or on your Broadway show bucket list?

Thanks for reading!


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