5 important place to share a new blog post

5 Important Places To Share A New Blog Post

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One last post for this month: 5 important place to share a new blog post! I have been celebrating my first blogging anniversary all month long by sharing posts filled with what I have learned so far about blogging.

So far, I have posted about:

For my last post of this month I am sharing where I usually first share a new blog post. This may differ between bloggers depending on what social media sites and search engines are more popular where they are located. It also might differ greatly if you use a “automatic sharing” program of some type like Tailwind. I am trying to spend as little as possible in running my blog, so I have not invested in anything like that. I prefer manual for now, but if it grows enough I could see where Tailwind would come in handy.

where To Share A New Blog Post

Here is the usual order in which I share a new blog post:


Probably the most suggested place by bloggers to promote both your blog and affiliate links would be Pinterest. It is actually considered a search engine, not a social media site. Even though you have a “feed” of pins from those you follow, can message other users, add other users to boards, and so much more, the main purpose is to be able to find ideas and inspiration based on a searched subject.

Most of my daily traffic on my blog usually comes from Pinterest. It is most important to first create appropriately sized pins in my posts that are easily shareable on Pinterest. I then pin these to several groups I am in consisting of other bloggers, plus my own boards. It is best to try to pin to the closest niche (or subject) boards that match your pin (example: pin with a recipe to a board about cooking). You can follow me by clicking the link above!


I have probably learned most of what I know about blogging and social media thanks to the many blog posts by other bloggers I have come across that were shared on Pages and in Facebook Groups. What I like about Facebook is the amount of groups for bloggers that both educate and promote each other. I use Facebook groups to not only get traffic to my blog, but also my other social media sites it is connected with. I am in several groups that have a different share thread for everyday. This means each day we all share, like, or comment on either our newest Instagram posts, Pinterest pin, blog post, etc. I do not have an official Facebook Page for my blog, but the link above goes to my public group. Feel free to join!


Twitter was something I never really used much until I started blogging. With Twitter it is important to use appropriate hashtags, and keep active liking and commenting on tweets by other users. I found twitter to be easy to insert and promote product links from affiliate programs I am in. This has lead to clicks, sales, and then commissions for me!

Mix.com (formerly Stumbleupon)

I am still getting used to this new site, which is like a mixture of Stumbleupon and Pinterest. I have a few boards started that I am still trying to catch-up adding links to my old posts to. The layout seems clean and easy to understand. I did get decent traffic from Stumbleupon, so I am hoping this does the same.


Instagram does not gain me much blog traffic, but I run mine more like a “behind-the-scenes” view of my blog and life in general. I am in several of those blogger Facebook groups with Instagram sharing threads that help me gain followers and traffic on Instagram itself. As for manually gaining traffic to my Instagram, and then on to my blog, I try to use popular hashtags and post almost every day. In the future I plan to try more ways to direct all my Instagram traffic and followers to my blog. Gotta have goals, ya know?

I hope this helps out some fellow newbie bloggers! This concludes my July posts. On to year #2 of blogging! Next month’s theme: Photography & Inspiration. I am so excited about this one!

Thanks for reading!

– Jillian

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