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Seascape Photography & Inspiration – My mermaidish love of the ocean!

Welcome to Photography & Inspiration month! I wanted to take a month to breath a bit, and shy away from more wordy posts yet keep things creative. Each post this month will feature a different type of photography along with some of my favorite quotes and verses. This first post shows some of my seascapes and beach photography attempts. I have been running around these past few weeks between dropping off and picking up photos at local fairs. It is my first year, and first time ever entering anything in a fair at all! It was only suggested recently I enter some of my photos in a big fair near where we live in Central PA. That one (which did lead to my first ribbon!) lead to someone suggesting then next fair, which lead to someone else suggesting another fair, and so on!

My First Ribbon for Seascape Photography!

My Photography Journey

I purchased a nice DSLR camera, and earned a Diploma in Digital Photography by the first half of this year. Originally it was all to help my blog look more professional. I learned so much more than what I was hoping for, and it mixed with my long-time love of taking photos. I decided to pursue photography as a hobby as much as my modeling (see this post.) After gaining confidence from a few photography contest wins, I more recently decided to take it a step further and make this hobby a bit more lucrative (see my *announcement* below this post!)

Most of my photos featured in the next few posts will show off some of my newest projects involving my new DSLR. This first post however shows mostly photos taken by my good ol point-and-shoot. I also used a really old photo as my main blog post image; a photo from our honeymoon 9 years ago this month! It was taken near our resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I had to include it since it was one of my all-time favorite beach shots, and it is our wedding anniversary month afterall!

Seascapes and Inspiration

Being the mermaid I am, I decided my seascape photography would be best to exhibit in my first photography contests. I hope you enjoy these seascapes and inspiration about the ocean!

seascape photography Laguna Beach Coastline

seascape photography Psalm 93:4

Newport Beach Pier seascape photography

See more photos of the Newport Beach Pier here.

music ocean stars quote seascape photography

The Pirate Tower of Laguna Beach seascape photography

Want to find out more about the Pirate Tower? Read my post about how we found it here.

Ariel Quote Seascape Photography

laguna beach ca seascape photograhpy

ocean quote seascape photography

Wish me luck as I am exhibiting at another fair this week!

Thanks for reading!



*Special Announcement!

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