DIY Sequin Christmas Tree Craft bead tree

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DIY Sequin Christmas Tree Craft

+ My Mini Christmas Decor Home Tour

This post was created with help from my new blogging friend, Kim, who runs the blog I have been excited to collaborate with another blogger again! Kim shared with me a fun DIY Sequin Christmas Tree Craft her family likes to make. I decided to try it out myself just before writing this post. I will share her directions, than show you all how mine came out along with a little Christmas decor home tour.

Kim’s Directions

The sequin Christmas tree craft started in our family almost 80 years ago, in the early 1940s. My mother’s “Gram” decorated a beautiful little tree with sequins and sparkling, colored foil. I remember this being one of my favorites decorations when I was a child. I would touch each little sequin and bead and twirl the tree in my hand and watch it sparkle in the light. My mom still has this vintage craft and although the sparkle has faded a bit, it is always displayed proudly each year.

When I was growing up, I remember my mom replicating this beautiful tree for family members and friends as gifts. And then, when I got my first apartment, she made one for me. Since then, she has made me a couple more trees and also has made my kids their own sequin trees for their rooms. These trees are always some of my favorite Christmas decorations to display each year. I love how they are incredibly easy to make and you can customize the colors and styles to fit the decor in any room.

Depending on the size of the tree, it will take some time and patience, but it will be worth it in the end. So sit back, get comfy, put on your favorite Christmas movie (or binge watch a new series on Netflix) and start crafting!

sequin christmas tree craft DIY tree


DIY Sequin Christmas Tree

What you will need:

  • 1 styrofoam cone (white or green)
  • Sequins (assorted sizes, shapes, and colors)
  • Assorted beads (Optional)
  • Mini tree topper (Optional)
  • Stick Pins


Take a stick pin, and stick it through the center of a sequin.

Push the pin and sequin all the way into the tree.

Continue to fill up the tree with sequins, making sure to layer them closely enough to hide the styrofoam and placing them randomly around the tree.

For added dimension, put a colored bead on the pin first, and then add a sequin. This will give the tree the look of ornaments. I have done it with and without beads and they turn out great either way. It really just depends on your preference.

When the tree is full, you can either take a fake star to place it on the top or add a few beads or sequins on a pin at the top to look like a tree topper.

sequin christmas tree craft DIY

It’s a simple as that! This will be one of your favorite decorations each year. Make them for your kids to put in their rooms. Sequin trees make wonderful gifts if you decide to make them for family and friends and adds holiday cheer to any setting.

DIY Sequin Christmas Tree three

About Kim:

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I’m a digital marketer with 15+ years of experience and a mommy-blogger. Most importantly, I’m a wife, and mother of 3.

I enjoy travel, photography, coffee and anything sweet. Join me for my adventures wrangling 3 littles at See you there!

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My Christmas Decor Mini Home Tour

Since I decided to do something different with my tree every year now, I wanted to show off this year’s. I am starting to also decorate my home to match whatever the theme is of my tree. If you are anything like me, you have your house decorated for Christmas as soon as Thanksgiving is over. I bought a white tree for this year, and went with a teal/turquoise theme. Teal has always been my favorite color! I found most of the ornaments and beaded garland that matched perfectly at Michaels.

sequin christmas tree matching big tree

sequin christmas tree craft home tour

Since I had so much fun with my tree’s theme for this year, I decided to make my sequin Christmas tree match it! I did something a little different with my sequin tree, and started by pinning ribbon around it to give it a similar shimmer to my big tree.

DIY Sequin Christmas Tree Craft with ribbon

My sequin christmas tree

As for the rest of the house, I added a few new touches this year. I found these scented, shimmery pine cones at Michaels.

sequin christmas tree home decor

I also added this nativity scene my Mom gave me for Christmas last year. Touches of turquoise were included here, and throughout my home!

sequin christmas tree matching home decor

I am pretty pleased with how everything turned out, and I even finished most of my Christmas shopping too at this point! How long do you wait to decorate for Christmas? Any fun traditions or changes throughout the years?

Thanks for reading!


PS Most of the craft supplies and decor you saw in my home tour can be purchased at Michaels craft stores. Check out their latest deals and coupons using the link below!

This Week's Coupon at

diy sequin christmas tree craft


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