My Review of the Ghostpillow

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My review of the GhostPillow

The pillow that stays cold all night!

I have been in need of a good pillow for a while, and can be very picky in what I prefer. I have tried a few different types of pillows in recent years. The last one I tried was a firmer foam pillow, but it only left me with a sore neck. I decided to give this GhostPillow a shot since it promises a 5 year warranty, and even offers a sleep trial. Now only that, but it also promises:

  • Instant cooling on both sides for better sleep
  • Engineered to keep your head supported
  • Immediate cool burst for maximum air flow

Why I love my GhostPillow

Why the GhostPillow Won!

After trying my pillow only a few weeks, I have found it does deliver on it’s promises of cooling, comfort, and support. I never woke up with my neck or head feeling sore, and I have been able to sleep deeply on it through the entire night. It’s Aerated Gel Memory Foam is not too firm or too soft, and cradles my head just right no matter if I sleep on my back or side. Sometimes I get low back cramps if I sleep with my head and neck too high while on my stomach. This did not happen when I used this pillow. It also includes a washable, High Performance Moisture-Wicking Exterior Cover. Everything is sent in a nice box that keeps everything clean and protected.

Pillow Box


If you ever want to give the GhostPillow a shot, it might be helpful in your decision to know that each GhostPillow includes:
101-Night Sleep Trial
Free Shipping
Industry leading 5 year warranty

The GhostPillow, along with similar bedding products can be purchased at

If you ever purchase one, let me know what you think in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


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