What is in my Fall Makeup Bag

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What is in my Fall Makeup Bag

Affordable skincare and makeup products you need for this Fall!

Happy Fall, and happy October! I am finally decorating and preparing for Fall, despite it still being 80-90 degrees here in PA. One thing I had to take a look at was my skincare routine and makeup bag. Will my skin be ready to face the coming cold weather months? Am I running out of any favorite, dependable products?

I just scrolled through the new products from ELF, and checked out their sale items as well. I found a few new things to save to my wish list, and took note of sale prices for some of my old favorites. Here are some ideas going into my Fall makeup bag I would recommend for anyone.

While I was on the website, I filled out my profile for the new points program. Be aware the “beauty squad” program has changed a little, but now there are more ways to earn points! Also, there are some great deals going on, including: Free Gift & Free Shipping on orders $25+ at e.l.f. For a limited time choose 2 free gifts from a selection of items when you shop at e.l.f. Available while supplies last. Shop now!

My Fall Makeup Bag:

First things first! Have to prep the skin! As soon as I get out of the shower and wash my face, I apply this hydrating balm to my usual dry spots. I mentioned this product in this post, just after I began using it last winter. It has still been working it’s magic so my face does not peel! It lasts a long time too; I am still on my first stick of it!

As for new products, this one caught my eye the most! I love the mix of both lighter and darker colors. I also like the options of matte vs shimmer all in this Earth and Ocean eyeshadow palette.

Another new item I would like to try is this All Day Stay eyeshadow primer. I have been meaning to try primer for a while, especially when I need to wear makeup to work or for an event. When I do modeling photoshoots, sometimes we are out in weather and all kinds of temps that may mess with my look. I really need to start using this kind of thing, and I think this one would be an affordable option to try first!


*NEW for FALL 2019!

ELF has this new line of fun, shimmery, colorful items! I might invest in this Face & Eye gloss, which is available in 2 other shades besides this one. Gloss like this sometimes works as a primer for eyeshadow too! This gloss will give you a “frosted” look either way, perfect for winter month events.

An oldie but goodie is this acne spot treatment stick. They are so affordable, and work really well! I always purchase a few to keep in my bathroom, pocketbook, and any other bag I use.

I found it works best to apply throughout the day on a spot you want to zap!



Going somewhere? Pack this cute little travel set of brushes for your Fall getaways!

And for when you are finished with those brushes, ELF offers this brush cleaner. It is offered in either a small or large size. I use it often for my brushes.


*See what else is available from ELF here!

e.l.f. cosmetics


I used this eyeliner to make my perfect “cat eyes” for last year’s Christmas show at my church. It went on easy, and stayed put. If I need to do anything with eyeliner for this year’s Christmas show, I am going to go with this again for sure!


After you are done applying your makeup, ELF offers several options between sprays and setting powders. There is really something for everyone!


Had to include this! Because what else do we all do when we are all glammed up and feeling our best? Only available at elf.com is this selfie light! It has settings so it is dimmable.


So there you have it. 10 amazingly affordable products you might want to have in your own Fall Makeup Bag. There is something for everyone, whether you like a little makeup and face care or a lot! Go get em!

Thanks for reading!


e.l.f. cosmetics


what is in my fall makeup bag 2019


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