my extremely diverse fall workout playlist

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My EXTREMELY DIVERSE Fall Workout Playlist

As we head into the holiday season filled with all sorts of goodies, some might be already working on keeping their figure slimmer. As for myself, I recently re-started running, yoga, and light core workout. I like to listen to music while running on my treadmill or working out. I usually workout at home only. For suggestions on ways to workout, yoga poses, and healthy tips for this time of year you can visit these posts:

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I am open to listening to many genres and artists, so my preferred playlist changes often. I am sharing my current playlist favorites that shows such variation in what I listen to that it might just offer something for everyone! Check it out, and see if any of these hits go along with your usual favorites too! You may even find a new favorite artist! So here is my (current) Fall workout playlist. Click the links to purchase the singles, albums, and find more info about the artist.

My Extremely Diverse Fall Workout Playlist music

Til The Day I Die – Tobymac featuring NF

I am a huge Tobymac fan, so I had to mention him first. There are so many of his songs that make great workout songs, especially this one. *Note: keep this Grammy and Dove award winning Christian artist in your prayers. His oldest son who was featured on some of his albums has recently passed away.

Kidnap the Sandy Claws – Korn (off of “Nightmare Revisited”)

It is soon Halloween, so this song, and entire album for that matter is on repeat pretty much all the time once Fall hits. I tell many people about this awesome Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack remake by several great hard rock/metal artists. Gets me into the Halloween spirit every year! This faster version works well for a Fall Workout Playlist.


Bold – Ledger

Another Christian artist on the list lately is Ledger. This band is fronted by the female drummer from Skillet, a popular hard rock band in both the Christian and secular music worlds. Many of her songs are about being brave and different.


Before I Forget – Slipknot

Usually not a fan of metal, but since I recently met some of them and they were super nice, I looked up a few of their songs. I like to support nice people, and this “cleaner” Slipknot song kept popping up on my mixes so I added this one.


Remix (I like the) – New Kids on the Block

I know I should be crucified for having a boyband right after Slipknot on any kind of list, but I am such a boyband fan it is a wonder this was not at the top. Anyway, I am not into the old school New Kids stuff, but really like the newer albums. Here is one with a good beat to workout to.


High Hopes – Panic! at the Disco

How can you not like this positive song with a pumping beat! A little overplayed by now, yet still can’t get enough!


Battle Symphony – Linkin Park

Here is a good slower song for a cool-down or yoga. This is off of Linkin Park’s “One More Light” album. RIP Chester.


Roads Untraveled – Linkin Park

Another good, slower song from Linkin Park. This has been stuck in my head since hearing it as part of a Youtube random mix. I do not think it was ever put out as a single, but it is on the album “Living Things”.

So there you have my most current Fall Workout Playlist. I usually workout for about 30 minutes max, so this 29 minute list is just about right timewise. See if it works for you! What songs would you add? I am open to suggestions for my list! Drop them below in the comments.

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