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Celebrating A Month of Thankfulness (even in 2020)

Thankfulness is not always easy to feel. 2020 has taken a toll on many people in many different ways. Even as we near the Holidays, with Thanksgiving just around the corner, it may feel hard to be thankful and/or cheerful. I have seen many posts on social media about people trying to cheer themselves up by quickly rushing into decorating for Christmas, watching Christmas movies, or putting on the Christmas music! (I still do none of those before Black Friday.) It is as if Thanksgiving, which should also be considered a joyous holiday, tends to be rushed passed even in “normal” years. This year confirmed to me how many have forgotten how to important it is to first stop and be grateful and thankful before rushing into the “yay! I get stuff!” holiday that follows.

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Meditating upon thankfulness, and celebrating Thanksgiving is mentally uplifting and peaceful. Anyone would agree we really need more of that right now! If you can not look past the bad of this year, then I believe you definitely do need to stop and celebrate this Holiday more than ever! I will admit, when I first came up with this post idea, things were almost back to normal in my state. It was easy to be thankful then, and start to write this post. However, since the Government in PA recently changed things once again, it has became hard. I decided to make a list of thanks and blessings, which is a simple way I would suggest to help you realize what you do have, can still do, and apprecite. It can start as simple as being thankful you are still alive and healthy.

Here is my list (so far):

  • God is still good, protecting and leading me no matter what has happened in life.
  • I have managed to stay healthy throughout this whole year
  • We welcomed new little family members (Sid the tortoise in Jan, and Gideon the Uromastyx lizard in Sept) & Tiger the dog and Olga the older Tortoise are currently healthy and happy.
  • I did get to visit my family in NJ a few times over the Summer and Fall.
  • My massage career is busier than ever. I have many new massage clients, and sure to be more to come.
  • A few loans were paid off, and I had enough money to purchase a few bucket list wants (tattoo, mermaid tail)
  • Recently, I have made more theatre and modeling friends. My passions and hobbies have not taken much of a break even during shutdown.

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  • I was able to stick with some healthier habits, and have the time for workouts and running to stay in shape.
  • As long as they are allowed to happen, I still have big travel plans for next year.
  • My family and relatives have stayed healthy for the most part. My Mom had a successful triple bypass surgery in the Summer.
  • As soon as I cleaned out friendlists of toxic people at the beginning of the year, many new friends with similar interests came into my life! Thankful for the genuine, good people that replaced those who do not truly care about others.
  • I have a roof over my head, and we completed many home projects this year.
  • Being child-free, I do not have to worry about the in-out-in-out-in-out schooling schedules that keep getting wrecked for families. I am not being driven crazy by kids having to stay at home.
  • The hubby has been very nice, and spoiled me for my Birthday and anniversary.
  • This blog keeps getting more and more views. I have picked up some new affiliate partnerships this year, and managed to keep most of those I already had.


What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving month of 2020?

Need some help getting into a positive mindset? These were my favorite quotes over the past few months. This might help you get into the spirit of thankfulness.

I am thankful for all you readers, blogging friends, and my social media followers. Thank you for your support!

I hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving. – Jillian

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