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Affordable Essential Oil Accessories for the Essential Oil Fan

Do you know anyone who has a whole cabinet full of essential oils? Maybe looking for a different way to store or use them yourself? Having a hard time finding more affordable gifts for the essential oil lover in your life? In this post, I will list a few favorite affordable essential oil accessories that will most likely appeal to any essential oil lover you know.


I was introduced to essential oils over 20 years ago as a young child when my Mom decided to start using them. We grew up using the popular brand, Young Living, which I still favor to this day. Since then, I have used many brands, and learned more about using them on myself and others through my training in Aromatherapy as a Licensed Massage Therapist. I never met anyone with a dangerous reaction to essential oils, but please be careful when using them. Read all labels for instructions first. Most need to be mixed with a carrier oil in order to be applied to skin. Either way it is always a good idea to spot test a very small area before applying essential oils and carrier oils.

Popular carrier oils I would suggest:

coconut oil
almond oil
grapeseed oil

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The Best Essential Oil Accessories

The first thing I am going to suggest is aromatherapy diffusing jewelry! This is jewelry that is made using lava stone bead or clay which is known to be pourous enough to hold and diffuse oils for several hours. Diffuser jewelry is a pretty way to keep oils applied throughout the day. It makes a great gift idea or stocking stuffer for Christmas giving!

I craft essential oil jewelry and accessories. I carefully string my bracelets with only precious stones and glass beads. No metal is used at all unless noted. These make perfect gifts for anyone that will also promote wellness! I have started listing a few in the “Go Shopping!” section of this blog.

essential oil diffuser bracelets

essential oil diffuser necklace


My personal favorite place to shop for essential oil accessories has been over at Plant Therapy always comes out with fun, affordable accessories besides a huge selection of oils. They also offer a “Kid Safe” line of oils and accessories. I have found them to be more affordable than the more popular brands, and usually offer FREE SHIPPING. They even have a clearance sale section of their site I usually see helpful accessories in!

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Here are some of the newest accessories they offer. You can also check out their DAILY DEALS! Get the Latest Plant Therapy 25 Days of Christmas Deals – Shop NOW and Save!


Hard-Top Carrying Cases 

Need a safer way to store and transport essential oils? This large case holds 30 5 ml, 10 ml, or 15 ml essential oil bottles, and comes in 3 color options.

Hard-Top Carrying Case – Large Pink & Gray

Stylish and sleek, the Hard-Top Case is the ideal storage solution or travel companion … [More]

Price: $19.95



These can be hard to find in stores,  but you can easily purchase them through Plant Therapy.

10ml (1/3 fl oz) Amber Glass Essential Oil…

These 10ml (1/3 fl oz) Amber Glass Essential Oil Bottle with European Dropper Cap are t… [More]

Price: $6.95


Another option is the roll-on bottles. Turn any essential oil blend into a roll-on for less messy application! Available in a 4, 12, or 24 pack.

Amber Glass Roll-On Bottles – 4 Pack

Make your own pre-diluted roll-ons with our Amber Glass Roll-On Bottles. These 10 ml ro… [More]

Price: $8.95


Cap Stickers

Help your favorite essential oil fan keep their oils organized with these cap stickers.

108 Blank Round Top Cap Stickers

We are excited to offer you a package of 108 1/2 inch blank round top cap stickers for … [More]

Price: $4.95


Aroma Plush

This one is for the kids! What makes their Aroma plush toys unique is the velcro pouch with a Safety Scent Cartridge™️ inside. The cartridge allows you to apply a few drops of any essential oil (make sure it is one that is safe for kids first!) on a felt pad and secure it safely inside the toy.

NEW PRODUCT: Aroma Plush Pals NOW Available at Plant Therapy!


A Nice Diffuser

The AromaFuse features five different timer settings, a dimmable LED light and a large water reservoir that holds up to 380 mL. It is available in 3 color choices.

AromaFuse Diffuser – Pearl White

Plant Therapy’s AromaFuse ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is modern, stylish and ea… [More]

Price: $54.95


Aromatherapy Inhalers

Great for those who are always on the go! Comes as a 3-pack. Available in several colors.

affordable essential oil accessories inhalers

Multi-Color Aromatherapy Inhalers – Pack of 3

Lightweight and stylish, the 3-Pack Aromatherapy Inhalers are available in three differ… [More]

Price: $8.95
Sale: $7.16


I am a big fan of using essential oils for health and home!

For info on how to use essential oils on yourself and your home:

How to use Essential Oils in Your Home

Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!


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